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Firefox 3 theme for Firefox 4+

Changed an ugly duckling to a swan Bewertet mit 5 von 5 Sternen

Mac OS 10.6.7

Thank you for changing an otherwise drab theme to a colorful, easier on my eyes theme. I especially like the brighter appearance of the Bookmarks.

One very minor item. I use an extension 'Theme Font & Size Changer" to enlarge certain menu items. In the default theme, I had dragged the Zoom Controls to the Toolbar, using View, Toolbars, Customize. Its appearance was normal. When changing to this theme, The Zoom Control icons were askew - the +- signs were not centered in the squares.

Thanks again,


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Aeon Clouds

Aeon Clouds works with Apple OS 10.6.7 and Firefox 4.0 Bewertet mit 5 von 5 Sternen

iMac, OS 10.6.7

I installed FF 4.0 over FF 3.6.15 with Aeon Clouds as the theme. Aeon Clouds seems to be displaying absolutely normally in FF 4.0, despite all the warnings on this website. The Tools, Add-ons page says Aeon Clouds is incompatible, and the only option shown is to 'Remove' it. Don't do that unless you truly want to no longer use Aeon Clouds. If you do, the only way to get Aeon Cloud back into FF 4.0 is to re-install FF 3.6.15; add Aeon Clouds; and then upgrade to FF 4.0.

I contacted the author of this great theme, and he confirmed that the Windows version is not compatible with FF 4.0. So, Mac users apparently can continue using this theme.

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Compact Menu 2

Mac compatible? Bewertet mit 1 von 5 Sternen

s this extension Mac compatible?

After installing this, Firefox3 crashed repeatedly on my iMac (OS10.4.11, G5). Firefox would require 2 restarts before it would run; and shortly would crash again. After uninstalling Compact Menu 2, Firefox operated normally.

1 star if Mac compatible. Otherwise, rating is N/A


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