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Classic Theme Restorer (Customize UI)

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I'm pretty open about the new Firefox 29 UI, and the new tabs look much nicer than the old tabs, but it's just nice to have the old tabs back simply because they're more compact, and show more of the caption text, to a tab-hungry nutter such as myself! It just helps me pick out tabs a little more easily. (Also, having favourites in the toolbar is just weird to me.)

I've tried using custom CSS to tame the tab bar, but nothing was able to trim the extra padding around the tab favicons.

Now if only this sort of community spirit existed for things like restoring all the folder icons to Outlook 2013 ....

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Saved Password Editor

Works well Bewertet mit 5 von 5 Sternen

No idea why it took me so long to think of looking for an add-on to do this! Really useful for sites that, for whatever reason, bypass the automatic password detection (probably nonsense like postback). Now I can continue to have unique passwords for sites and safely forget one or two ;-)

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Signature Switch

Why publish software then? Bewertet mit 1 von 5 Sternen

What's the sense in even bothering putting up software for everyone to use, if you belligerently refuse to make it do what people need?

You can huff and puff all you like, but if you're not motivated by what your userbase actually needs, then what's the use in even making software publicly available? It makes you a particularly poor developer. It's not like this is a flood of competing and illogical requests, or out-of-scope requests (those are difficult, obviously), but a very clear message that e-mail usage has changed in the 21st century. I've come to prefer top posting myself anyway as the only thing I'm interested in reading is what the recipient wrote! And if I need to grab their phone number from a signature, the last place I want that is way down the bottom of the message.

This seems to be a common programmer defect – a wilful lack of interest in and concern for the people actually using their software, especially when it comes to bug fixes. If you must be obstinate about it, don't clutter up the Internet with your work. If you must post software, try to make the program do what people actually want it to do!

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Bug 586234 Unfixer

Works perfectly Bewertet mit 5 von 5 Sternen

Does exactly what it says on the tin. Confirmed in Firefox 5 and 9 in Windows 7 32-bit. Very grateful for this add-on!

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Modify Headers

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Is there any room on the road map to include modifying response headers? I would deeply appreciate a way to delete all the no-cache headers to stop sites losing my form submissions when an error occurs (think of all the sites where you hit Submit, get some bogus error, then hit Back only to discover that paragraphs of typing and are all lost and you forgot to hit Copy before submitting, or that you've lost the contents of a complex form that couldn't be copied first).

Years pass and I still can't find a solution to this one.

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How hard would it be to allow for custom icons to be set manually? It's nice having autogenerated ones, but for sites and servers that I use regularly that have either no icon, a confusing icon or an ugly one, I would prefer to specify my own.

I've used Favicon Picker, and now Bookmark Favicon Changer to set icons for single pages, but I'd also like to be able to set icons for entire sites.

This should be a relatively straightforward to do, and I've made the same suggestion to the developer of Bookmark Favicon Changer to suggest that you two team up and merge your code together to allow for site-wide custom icons. The hash-based ones would be used as a secondary measure, although I may revert to the add-on that just uses coloured squares as it's easier on the eye. But I definitely want to be able to use my hand-drawn icons across whole sites :)


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Bookmark Favicon Changer

Suggestion for site-wide icons Bewertet mit 4 von 5 Sternen

A suggestion:

Bookmark Favicon Changer has the same limitation as Favicon Picker that it only applies to bookmarked pages.

How hard would it be to collaborate with IdentFavIcon to allow icons to be set for whole domains? Your addon allows for setting a page icon, and IdentFavIcon allows for hash-based autogenerated site icons, so it should therefore be easy to provide custom-selected site icons for sites and servers that lack icons, instead of the cheesy autogenerated ones. I already spend the time drawing nice icons for my bookmarks and it would be awesome if they could take effect for a whole site.

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Bookmark Favicon Changer

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Glad to have a favicon changer that officially supports Firefox 4! Mozilla need to hurry up and review it so that it shows up in the add-on search, as it's extremely hard to come across.

Seems to work fine though in Firefox 3.6.16 (I would test in 4, but I had to rip 4 off my work PC after discovering that it's impossible to make middle click open links in new tabs in a popup window (the tabs are forced out to the most recent regular window now, instead of a tab bar appearing in popup window as it did in 2 and 3), which I rely on extensively in our intranet system).

The only thing that makes me nervous is having Change and Remove adjacent to each other, without a "..." after Remove, and I've confirmed that there's no prompt. However, this is just my irrationality as the icon comes back if you re-open the site, and you can restore the icon if you accidentally wipe a custom one, so long as you still have the source file to hand that is!


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Appears not to do anything Bewertet mit 1 von 5 Sternen

Not really sure what this add-on is meant to do -- I thought that it would show a progress bar for POST operations which contain file uploads (form method="post" enctype="multipart/form-data", input type="file") but having just tried this in Firefox 3.6.16 in Win XP, the page progress bar in the status bar remains as dead as it's always been in Firefox -- empty.

The uploads window also failed to show anything.

I don't know whether it's meant to work in RapidShare, but when I uploaded a file to RapidShare a couple of days ago (different PC, also XP, also 3.6.15 or 3.6.16), same thing, no upload progress in the status bar, nothing in the uploads window.

RapidShare took care of progress all by itself, but for sites that don't, this add-on doesn't, either.

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Add-on Compatibility Reporter

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Many thanks! I was deeply dismayed to find that the update from Thunderbird 3.1.6 to 3.1.7 not only broke keyconfig[1] and Rewrap Toolbar Button[2], but Nightly Tester Tools stopped showing its force addon compatibility button. I upgraded Nightly Tester Tools from 2.something to 3.0, no change, utterly refused to let me unlock the addons that, after all, were still working perfectly while incompatible.

So I ditched it and installed this in its place, and it's working. That will keep me wrapping and avoiding accidental quits for the foreseeable future.

[1] keyconfig is (almost) ESSENTIAL for anyone who also uses Outlook, as Outlook's mark as unread is ^Q, whereas Thunderbird uses that for Quit!! Incredibly annoying. (I qualify that with "almost" because, after all, I can also resolve this trivially with AutoHotkey like where I've make ^D exit console windows, ^W close JujuEdit etc. Outlook has some truly lousy shortcuts.)

[2] This is useful since Thunderbird's message editor stinks, both for HTML and for plain text. I still miss Mac Outlook Express, all these years on. Dynamic quote colouring, intelligent auto rewrap etc. Sadly one of my add-ons has broken even the blue colouration for quoted text in plain-text e-mail ... never figured out quite what went wrong there, but that "feature" was hopelessly broken even when it did "work" (kept getting the colour wrong)

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Tab Scroll Wheel

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Spiffing! Been waiting for an add-on to provide tab scrolling with the mouse ever since I got Thunderbird 3.0 beta.

Many thanks.

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