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Firebug is "the" most needed extension for anyone who wants to examine
& edit webpages and should be integrated as part of Firefox! I personally
cannot live without it anymore (although Aptana uses an older/other version
of Firebug which is confusing!?). I would give Firebug 11 out of 10! if there
where not a few shortages embedded in Firebug, which should be fixed
to make it the ultimate application. This shortages are:
1) When examining or editing (not embedded) CSS (or javascript), you cannot copy
the code!!! (like you can do this when doing the same with the HTML code,
and you are forced to use e.g. the Web Developer extension to write there again
the modifications and after that copy the CSS, which is very inconvenient).
2) When examining/editing CSS, you cannot add a new class!!! but only edit
the given classes/ids in the right panel under style (and you are forced in this
way to go to the edit mode for the whole CSS file).
3) When you are editing HTML or CSS, you cannot "paste" any code!!! (so you
are forced to use the Web Developer extension since it has the "paste" option,
which is very inconvenient to change applications all the time).
4) You cannot (after editing) save the CSS code!!! (even Firefox does not save
the changes that you have done when you try to save the altered webpage
through the browser ; you have to go to the Web Developer extension and write
again there all the changes that you want to do and then, after that, copy the
whole CSS; only in this way can you save the modified CSS code, which is very
very disturbing).
5) You cannot "save" (after editing) the modified Html code!!! (You are forced to
save the webpage through Firefox to save the altered Html code or to go to the
Web Developer extension, and there write again all the changes that you want to
make, after that copy the new Html code from there to e.g. Notepad, and then
save it in a file, which all is very inconvenient).

Please, do fix this shortcomings, and since we can not imagine our lives without
Firebug, we are looking anxious after that. Firebug, the name says it all !!!

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