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Use a different Googlesharing server Bewertet mit 5 von 5 Sternen

The addon still works. HOWEVER, the server no longer does. You can enter in your own server details and use them instead. There are several servers to be found online, or you can set up your own and let other people use it.


Bewertet mit 1 von 5 Sternen

Sage-Too has far superior functionality.

Diese Bewertung wurde für eine vorherige Version des Add-ons (1.4.5) abgegeben. 

Extended Cookie Manager

Bewertet mit 3 von 5 Sternen

This extension caused frequent lock ups with Firefox 3.0.10. Less than 10 seconds into a new session, Firefox would lock up and have to be end tasked. Once this addon was disabled, the problem vanished.

If it would work without causing lock ups, it would be a very useful addon. When it does work, it's very useful. But crashing 4 times in 2 minutes is a bit much.


Simple, but could be more effective. Bewertet mit 4 von 5 Sternen

This extension allows you to quickly and simply add a timestamp to a form in Firefox. The user customisable options are great, and there are 18 different options, and you can mix as many of those 18 together as you want, giving you fill control of what the output will be.

Some quite slight problems I have with it are a] the fact that there is no "st", "nd", "rd" etc, after the number in a date - it's Monday 1 January, not Monday 1st January, and b] that if there is only a single numeral in the date, a double space is added - Monday 1 January, as opposed to Monday 1 January.
Another feature I'd like to see if the option to have multiple dates/times/combinations set up.

Overall, this plugin is a real help to me, and I would strongly recommend that anyone who thinks they might get some usage from it. It certainly saves me a lot of time.