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Thank you for a brilliant add-on! Simple to use and straight forward. Can be turned on and off as required. This add-on is an absolute must for anyone who gets frustrated with the bombardment of ads on most commercial sites! Vielen Dank Klemens!

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Webmail Ad Blocker

Not Bad - Except for the Donation Link! Bewertet mit 3 von 5 Sternen

This is a great add-on but for the publisher to remove the adverts in gmail and hotmail and to insert his own "you have to donate" link in order to remove it feels a bit like someone holding a gun to my head. I don't buy that so I followed the content of the 'fix' posted by 'Yeeeeeeeeees' and voila! THE LINK IS GONE! If the author hadn't tried to force a donation in such a devious way, I would probably have made a donation and rated this extension with 5 stars instead of 3.

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