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I don't understand why this so important feature is not updated or included in FFox.
The reasons may be
1) the author of T.O.R. is dead §§§ R.I.P.§§§
2) On his way to his house to update T.O.R. for FFox 3.6, passing by a jewelry, a gang who failed to attack it took him as hostage in their car. The police chased them, he killed the driver, they had an accident and he jumped out of the car, On his way he found a merchandise train who led him to a harbour. He slept in between goods. Goods were lifted into a cargo. He woke up on board. The cargo went to Istanbul. He was discovered by a group of moudjahidins and sent by truck to afganistan. The truck was blown by a russian mortar on the Tadjikistan border but he managed to survived. He was taken to the near by village where farmers adopted him. He asked them if they have a USB key. The farmers think he speaks Usbeck.
Lost in the mountains, surounded by goats, without a computer and a decent connection he is not able to update T.O.R.