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Twitbin - Twitter Sidebar for Firefox

Closest thing to Echofon out there Bewertet mit 3 von 5 Sternen

Since Echofon bit the dust, this is pretty much it.

It still needs work, compared to Echofon, though.Firstly, the unread counts in FF 21 are not showing up in the toolbar or the addon bar. Secondly, the sidebar is annoying; I would much prefer an Echofon-style resizable floating dialog that doesn't conflict with bookmarks bar or other things. Thirdly, the blink-fade UI effect when changing 'tabs' to mentions or messages is intensely annoying and serves no purpose other than to be flashy.

But, beggars can't be choosers, of course. Such is the dismal state of Twitter clients, in general.

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Smart Bookmarks Bar

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A good workaround for the collapsing-toolbar problem is to insert
#personal-bookmarks { min-width: $$px !important; max-width: $$px !important; }
into your userchrome. Experiment with different $$ to get the width you want. Hoping for a proper fix, but this will do for now! Great addon, been using it tons to help the minimalist style.


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Works great on Windows XP, feature-rich, useful stuff.

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