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Name Parham
Benutzer seit April 4, 2012
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Dictionary Pop-Up by (Official)

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This is perfect for me. By a double click you can see a small definition of any word + pronunciation.

I was always looking/using extensions like this and tried several of them but this one if the best so far. Others either have a lot of non necessary information or don't have pronunciation for many words...

I guess this is relatively new because I couldn't find it before (around a year ago that I installed Firefox on my previous PC).

Thanks for this great extension!

A few observations:

- It's a bit slow!

- The definition menu disappears only by a single left click or closing it by the X sign on top right. It means if you start selecting some text in the page, or do a right click, it does not disappear which I personally prefer it does!

- If you choose to see the meaning of a word and listen to pronunciation and then go to another page (by a link in that page) and then go back to previous page, it start pronouncing the word! And if you didn't close the definition window, it's also there!

Still a five star though!

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Video DownloadHelper

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A very good extension...
Extremely practical and easy to use.

P.S. At first it was a bit hard for me to find how to make it work, but when I've read and found out, I noticed that it's so easy to use it and I loved the option to save video in different formats/qualities... Also the button close to navigation buttons didn't seem cool much at first, but soon I got used to it and liked the button's default place...
In general It's the best extension for downloading video among the many extensions that I've tested!

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