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eBay - Artikelbeschreibung - Speichere vergrössertes Artikelbild

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I must be missing something, maybe the core code of this add-on, because it does absolutely nothing. No settings, no context menu item, no toolbar icon, no nothing…

YouTube™ Video and Audio Downloader

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Youtube page took an eternity to finish downloading with this enabled. Was presented with 3 pages of links that were cut in half inside boxes and couldn't be read. Turning CSS off eliminated links. So basically unusable. I want to download largest 4k file. So far, using youtube-dl from the command line works best but I have to still manually combine audio and video afterward. I was hoping this add-on would eliminate that need but it doesn't.

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Print pages to Pdf

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@The Ripper:

In response to your reply:

Thanks for the personal reply.

"If you are using bookmarks, there is although a context menuitem of the AddOn at bookmarks and bookmarkfolders, so you can easily collect bookmarks in folders an print the whole bookmark folder"

Yes, I saw that, but I am trying to select a list of links on a webpage and print all the content of the pages they point to in one PDF. e.g.,

I even tried to drag the selected links to a bookmark folder, so I could use the above method, but it is not allowed. Only one link at a time is allowed. I tried dragging links to the 'Conversion Window'. Same thing.

If I select all the links and then select 'Print link' from the context menu, it only prints the link that the cursor was over. What I'd like to see is a 'Print selected link(s)' selection to print all the links in order. Now I have to open a new window, copy and paste the url into the new window's address bar, hit <enter>, wait for the page to load, select the links I want to print, right-click and select 'Open Links in New Tabs' (I'm using Tab Mix Plus), wait until all the new tabs stop loading, and finally righ-click and select 'Print pages to PDF->Print All Tabs'. This works and works well but it is very inefficient. The one-click solution I suggest would be far more elegant I think, and more efficient for sure.

As for saving the PDF, I hadn't noticed that the 'Save' button was no longer greyed out when the PDF finishes. I only have checked 'open PDF'. I didn't notice the clickable, dragable link to the created PDF, above the tabs. It looks like a link to a webpage so I ignored it before. Thanks for pointing that out. You might want to add a line above that link like, "Drag this link to a folder, or click to open created PDF". So I have two options to save it where I want AND read it first if I want. That's awesome.

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Print pages to Pdf

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Wow! I can't believe this. I was just looking for a way to print multiple web pages to a single PDF. This extension not only does that but it creates a TOC with links to everything and creates active html links. This is way better than the expensive Acrobat Pro I use all the time. My only complaints are not being able to select a list of links and printing them all via context menu, instead of only one, and not having any way to choose a file name and destination each time. I have to save the PDF from Acrobat. Minor, I know, but these would be welcome features. Thanks for this wonderful addon. I wish I knew about it long ago.

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Add-on Collector

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Very quirky. (FF 3.5.7). Could not publish to created collection. Created an 'Auto-publisher' collection and seemed to publish to that but extensions did not show up in collection. Restarted several times. Then 'Auto-publisher' collection disappeared when I tried to publish to it. Now it shows up with extensions added. Very voluble. Still can't publish to a regular collection. Please fix this. Coupled with Massive Extender, it is a useful extension for sure.

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