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Laboratories are where science and creativity meet to develop, research, and explore new ideas. Mozilla Labs embraces this great tradition — a virtual lab where people come together to create, experiment, and play with new Web innovations and technologies.

Mozilla Labs is about inspiring and harnessing the intelligence, wisdom, and energy of the Mozilla community; let’s imagine the future of the Web, and then let’s build it together.

All are welcome. Come play.

Add-ons, die ich angelegt habe

PDF Viewer Kein Neustart

PDF.js brings Portable Document Format (PDF) reading capabilities to your browser using web standard technologies.

Please report issues to:

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Firefox Personalization Study Kein Neustart

Help Mozilla understand personalization on the Web by installing this optional study add-on.

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Test Pilot

Helfen Sie uns Firefox und andere Mozilla Produkte zu verbessern! Unser Ziel ist es, der Open Source Gemeinschaft zu helfen, besser zu verstehen wie Menschen das Web nutzen und somit bessere Tools und Services anbieten zu können -- Mozilla Labs.

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Mozilla Labs: Prospector - LessChrome HD Kein Neustart

Show less chrome by default unless it's needed

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Mozilla Labs: Prospector - OneLiner Kein Neustart

Combine the navigation bar and tab bar into one line with a button for search.

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