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Name Mike Kaply
Ort Austin, TX
Homepage http://mike.kaply.com/
Benutzer seit March 5, 2007
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Michael Kaply has been developing and customizing web browsers since 1996. In his 15+ years at IBM, he was a developer or team lead for OS/2 based browsers, including Netscape Navigator, IBM Web Browser and Firefox. During his time at IBM, Michael also focused on making the enterprise deployment of Firefox easier, which included developing the CCK Wizard Firefox extension which helps enterprises customize Firefox. The CCK Wizard is used by a number of large companies, including IBM. Other extensions developed by Michael include Operator which enables microformats inside of Firefox and IE8 Activities which is an implementation of the IE8 Accelerators functionality for Firefox.After leaving IBM, Michael founded Kaply Consulting. Kaply Consulting specializes in customizing Firefox and has helped various clients, including companies like Brand Thunder, customize Firefox to meet their needs. They’ve also assisted companies like SurfEasy in customizing Firefox.If you need help with customizing or deploying Firefox, or creating Firefox extensions, contact Kaply Consulting at consulting@kaply.com.

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No Slideshows!

Converts slideshows to web pages where possible (answers.com)

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Webconverger Benötigt Neustart

Designed for simple & secure kiosk browsing in the Linux distribution Webconverger.com

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Operator Mobile

Leverage the power of microformats on your phone or tablet

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Site Shaker

Navigate websites by shaking your phone.

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OldSpice Twitter Drop Shadow Benötigt Neustart

Adds a drop shadow to any tweet or Facebook post by OldSpice

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French spelling dictionary

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You have no support link, so I'm writing this here.

Can you please remove the <bootstrap> line from your install.rdf and re release? It's causing problems for Postbox. Thank you.

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Timer Fire

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Excellent tool for debugging.

Exactly what I needed.

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Snap Links

Has Some Bugs... Bewertet mit 4 von 5 Sternen

Great idea, but for me on Firefox 2, I'm seeing double menus in about:config and it the selection does weird stuff on pages with only flash.