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Delicious Bookmarks

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UPDATE: The plugin is back with the same basic functionality. Currently, one must relogin and fully resync bookmarks at each browser reload and the problem of wiping private bookmarks is still there. I'm considering going back to the last version that didn't remove private bookmarks from the browser but I'll wait to see how it goes once they finish with the API kinks. While everything is still in uber-beta I personally recommend using other sites and duplicating your bookmarks just in case the final delicious product is not for you. Diigo used to be able to sync with delicious and I'm assuming they'll be able to again once the full API is pretty much settled.

To be clear this only gets two stars because of nostalgia; the version of this website and plugin that existed before the site revamp yesterday was brilliant. It perfectly replaced my browser's native plugins and gave me absolute control of how my bookmarks displayed in my browser. I could delete an existing bookmark from the CTRL-D function, sort individual tags on my toolbar in different ways. I loved it. I used it for work, at home, everywhere. But who in their right mind rolls out a beta version of an existing product with a dedicated user base, doesn't warn said user base of just how drastically they are going to alter the product (I think I speak for all of us when I say we assumed that the core functionality of the plugin and site wouldn't be damaged too badly), and doesn't bother to upgrade their own plugin to go with the API? That's just criminal business sense. For now I've gone to diigo and gmarks. They are each lacking some small features that I will miss from delicious. But if, in a week's time, some of these problems aren't addressed, I'll be deleting my delicious account permanently. The site is an absolute disaster, which I could have handled if the plugin had been updated with the rest of the product. I think many of us were expecting small tech glitches; that's the norm. But this is a nightmare.

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Custom Buttons²

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I'm a huge fan though I only use a few specific buttons. And yay the website is back up.

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