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Name MHoffman007
Benutzer seit Nov. 6, 2007
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Very Impressive! Bewertet mit 4 von 5 Sternen

The install was fast, but unsigned. This application allows you to see everything that your browser renders in code view. It doesn't matter if it's javascript, or html, you can see it. The level of error detection is much better than the browser would normally show. This program's tools are amazing. I love the inspect element tool which is easier if you are not a web developer for clicking on a piece of the website you're on and showing the tag for that element. There is even real time editing of the page. Holy cow! I can mess with styles on the fly! I am very impressed by this product and the fact that it doesn't take up any toolbar real estate. Wonderful work firebug team! keep it up!

Mike Hoffman

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Clupedia Toolbar

Pretty neat Bewertet mit 4 von 5 Sternen

The install was painless and fast. My browser restarted and the tool bar was there along with an annoying popup from Clupedia. It seems to be quite empty on my 22 inch wide screen monitor, but the features are promising. The markers don't show up on all sites for some reason. Anywhere I go to that has https:// shows that the toolbar is disabled. I like that. Most browsers will ignore my privacy on secured sites, but not this one. I think they are actually putting the horse before the cart on this toolbar. There is no search feature for clues, so you can only see them if the markers are on and they happen to be on the page. The Clue quality is trivial on some words, but with other Clues you can actually see the potential in this sort of thing. Adding content to the "Clue layer" of the internet was easy too, but it did take a while for my Clue to be seen in the "Clue layer". They must have some kind of screening or a server on some far away island. The toolbar also has a "add to blog" feature, which does not include my blog application type :( . Other people cant see my Clues in the "Clue layer" unless they have the toolbar too. Overall I think being in beta phase, this has some value, especially seeing the amount of work that was put in to make this. The application is secure, simple and fast, and that is always important in any application.

Mike Hoffman

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