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samfind Bookmarks Bar

Have been using for 5 years Bewertet mit 5 von 5 Sternen

A great add -on to organize bookmarks . Very easy to use and tons of unique and beautiful icons to pick for each tab and for each sub-tabs. Beside the attractive icons you can also give your own custom name to each tab , so that you see beautiful colorful tabs with your choice icon on it which makes the Tabs and bookmarking a fun as well as easy to organize and recognize during quick launching of a new page, tab or switching from tab to tab or within the menu of each tab. It becomes so easy that you won't even need to read a bookmarked tab. You just look at the icon and you know what has been bookmarked. FOr example my main tabs are arranged in a row with beautiful icons named SEARCH , EMAILS, NEWS, BANKING, ACADEMICS, ENTERTAINMENT, ETC . and when I click on any of these main tabs , a menu opens and shows all the bookmarks which I have added under that specific tab. I know that most bookmark add-ons will have this feature , but I don't think those will have such a huge collection and options of beautiful icons relevant to each topic and subtopics within each tab . Also organizing is easy by just clicking and dragging each tab and can move it to the right , left , beginning or end or up and down. It cannot get any simpler easier than that . The best part is that even if you uninstall the Samfind Bookmark Bar for some reason and you want to recover all the bookmarks exactly placed and arranged in the same way as before uninstallation , you can do it just by logging in and the everything automatically comes to its place. All the hard work which might have done in choosing beautiful icons for each bookmarked tab does not go to waste and once you set it up , you will not only love it but will never like to work without this awesome toolbar.. It has a lot of potential with its highly customizable features including size of text, size of tabs , various options of arrangement e.g rows or columns, various colors, tons of high definition icons and much more . Thanks to Samfind

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Search term highlighter

Definitely Useful to highlight words or combination of words in text on web pages . Bewertet mit 5 von 5 Sternen

It is a useful Add-on , at least for me . It highlights those words as well as combination of words which you enter into its tool bar . The good thing is that you can choose the highlighting color . It is easy to use and has more options/features than a similar Add-on called Phrase highlighter which I had installed but removed it after I found this one . The entered terms ( words or combinations ) are highlighted throughout the whole text on a web page and when you open next page , it automatically highlights the words without the need to re-enter words for each page . Also , I love that you can toggle the highlighting function ON Or OFF by single click over the icon of this Add-On , what else you want . Lol

samfind Bookmarks Bar

A Five Star Bookmark Toolbar indeed . Bewertet mit 5 von 5 Sternen

No doubt , I give Five Stars . The Best Bookmark tool Bar out of so many I have ever used and have been using it for last 3 years without any Problem . Made my Life easy on the Laptop . It is not only very functional and easy to use but also very beautiful specially with the huge variety of icons for every bookmarked website or a page from website . And the websites and links can be arranged in any order and grouped into different categories either by sing the default categories or by creating your own categories and then assigning special , meaningful and colorful icons to each category and to each website within those . it cannot get better than this . And the best part is that you can retrieve your bookmarks from your account even if you uninstall and reinstall the Samfind Bookmark tool bar .

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Dictionary Pop-Up by (Official)

I specifically made an Account to write a Review . Bewertet mit 5 von 5 Sternen

When I installed this Add-On , I was expecting that I have to use some kind of Right-Click option or selecting words and then pressing some key etc . But it was actually not complicated but in fact very simple . Thats why initially I didn't know how to use it . I therefore came to read some reviews to learn how to use it . To my surprise I found its use so simple , easy and quick that I could hardly believe it. Just by hovering the pointer over a word and double-clicking the word brings up a small pop-up window in no time and the word definition is there as given in . If you still wont understand the meaning of the word you looked up , there is an option of " See more " given in color in the end of the definition in the same pop-up window and by clicking that it takes you directly to the detailed explanation page . You can look up more than 60 words a minute , if you are that fast , by clicking any word on any web page and it will pop up the definitions quickly . Interestingly you can close the small pop- up window by just double clicking again anywhere without taking the pointer to a specific place . I used this application by going to some websites and double-clicking some unfamiliar and difficult words and it worked perfectly like a magic without the need to leave the page . It made my life easy and i thought to myself that if I am not donating any amount then at least i can write a good review to help others . I dont know why there are so less reviews . May be the application is new . Anyways , I specifically made an account here to write this review. Today was actually my installation day and together with this application I found three other applications which made browsing Internet very easy for me . The other three are < EscCloseTab > , < DblClicker > , and < Thumbnail Zoom Plus > . I am yet to write reviews for those and I believe many of you will like all these four applications .

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