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Name Dima
Ort Dnepropetrovsk
Beruf web developer
Benutzer seit March 11, 2012
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I`m very happy that I have opportunity to share my ideas and work. Add-ons help me to increase productivity, simplify routines. I`m trying to make useful simple add-ons, I hope you will like it)

Add-ons, die ich angelegt habe

Zaqwes Remover

Addon that will help you to remove any element from page in one 2 click

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13 Benutzer

Zaqwes OldSchool Google Search

For coservators: Old-School Google Search (urls underline)

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Zaqwes Translate

The simplest intext en-ru-en translator. Just select peace of text and open context menu.

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Zaqwes Programming Manifest

Мы пишем код бл#*ь!

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Zaqwes Working Day

the simplest task organizer!!!

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12 Benutzer

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