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Gmail Manager NG

thanks, that works for me to keep it on my bar after restart Bewertet mit 5 von 5 Sternen

I put your suggestion on the Gmail Manager addon review page since I'm using that, not the Gmail Manager NG. It's working for my "old version" of Gmail Manager after firefox restarts. Thanks much "spcatcher" ! (I actually tried it with new Firefox Profile using Gmail Manager NG first and was so happy to see it working ...)

Google Mail Manager

fix for disappearing off menu bar on top after restart Firefox 29 Bewertet mit 5 von 5 Sternen

Using Gmail Manager version. I have a list of gmail accounts, and inside Gmail Manager Options selected just one of my accounts:

Select your account and click "Modify". Tab "Toolbar" => Display in toolbar: "nav-bar".

(Thank's to the "spcatcher" on the Gmail Manager NG for his suggestion). It works to keep the gmail manager graphic dropdown list thing on that bar on top right. Good enough for me. Am using FF29 on new Lubuntu 14.04.

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Google Mail Manager

working after fix - firefox portable 6.02 win 7 Bewertet mit 5 von 5 Sternen

I did the fix:

by alexthomas on September 9, 2011 #(His add-on gmail_manager-

that seemed to work. then had the issue where couldn't switch account without manually loggin in, the left click not flowing thru. So I did the tweak:by nexusroot on September 13, 2011 #Now it seems to work fine.

Also, discovered why in the past I couldn't see the email account listing on bottom of firefox, but it was present on tools menu. It has to do with the gmail manager preferences file settings. Looked at that prefs.xml file and noticed strange older settings from older version of gmail manager. Specifically the <pref id="toolbar-display" value="false"/> was set for all accounts. So made one and only one of the accounts "true" setting. That helped a lot. Made the listing appear on the Add-on bar where it should be located (you need to tell firefox to view Add-on bar also). When set "true" for more than one gmail account then it showed multiple on add-on bar which i didn't like the way it looked. Could be useful to you though. Also noticed many gmail accounts had <pref id="toolbar-toolbar-id" value="status-bar"/> which is not what I wanted anymore for newer versions of firefox. So switched all the gmail accounts to value "addon-bar". In general, the reason the gmail accounts were not showing on bottom of firefox, on the addon-bar, was this preferences prefs.xml file values. This was being read upon firefox launch and if had strange unexpected stuff then the gmail accounts were not showing on bottom.

As a side question, the one email account selected to id="toolbar-display" value="true" is being displayed in the listing with bold font. Not sure what that bold font means exactly. Would someone who knows about this please explain. Seems to be cosmetic thing I just don't understand. Not effecting functionality.

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Google Mail Manager

not working FirefoxPortable on win 7 64bit Bewertet mit 2 von 5 Sternen

the last update to firefox didn't work right, so I had to revert to older add on version 3.6.25. just upgraded to firefox 4.0 and newest gmail manager 6.4.1 and the gmail manager in context menu (yes it's no longer called that, it's called the add-on bar which needs to be activated) is gone. Just like the last version of firefox 3.6 series which I couldn't use. Now I have add-on bar with no gmail manager anywhere to be found. The gmail manager is still in tools menu, but it's no good without the context menu thing = add-on bar thing menu thingy on bottom right of window. Gone! So how do I get it back on Win 7 64bit FirefoxPortable? Will revert back to old firefox iwth old gmail manager until someone tests it and ensures it works. Likely I'm not only person with this problem.

Also, would someone please elaborate on the earlier review comment "Just replaced gmail button from Google toolbar with Gmail manager and it makes me a little bit happier."