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Facebook Color Changer

Works as expected + Request for more customisation Bewertet mit 4 von 5 Sternen

Works as advertised. I can change the background color of FB in a single click.

I just wanted to request the developers if they could also have an option to change the color of the Header from blue to something else in future versions. That would be real awesome.

Targeted Advertising Cookie Opt-Out (TACO)

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It works when it manages to start. Ever since I updated to Firefox v26, it is a 50:50 chance that this plugin is enabled. Sometimes it starts, and sometimes it gets disabled saying it is not compatible with this version of Firefox. Same problem has carried forward to Firefox v27 also.

Please fix this inconsistency.

Feedly - Beyond Google Reader

Easy, but does not remember by filter settings Bewertet mit 4 von 5 Sternen

Its easy to use, and automatically imports my Google Reader feeds, exactly how I had organized them, which is a huge plus. I would have given it a 5 had it not been for the fact that it does not remember my filter settings. I want it to show me all the posts, not just the unread ones. But I have to change the filter preferences manually, not only every time I log in, but also for every individual feed. This is a big downer for me, in an otherwise awesome app. I hope the developers incorporate a permanent filter setting for this under Preferences.

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Skip Addon Compatibility Check

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I installed this add-on, but what I am really interested is in something that lets me install outdated add-ons that are not compatible with my current firefox version - in particular the 'customizegoogle' (cg) add-on. I have found that the add-on keeps on working in newer versions even if it is deemed outdated for that version. Because of a crash, I had to make a fresh installation of Firefox and now I can no longer install the cg add-on. Please let me know if this add-on will help me in that :) Sry for the length of the post.

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A couple of feature requests. Bewertet mit 4 von 5 Sternen

Does what it claims to do. Nothing more and nothing less.

I do have a couple of requests for future versions.

1. Allow the user to specify different reload time for each tab. Right now, the same time is applied to all enabled tabs.

2. Please add a feature to switch to the tab on reload. I know how this can bug some people, so of course, it's be an option that would need to be turned on for that specific tab.

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Google by Image Restartless

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It has a slight problem with https. The link that is generated when I click on 'Google by Image' is http:// whereas I have configured google images to always load in https:// mode. Hence, google images refreshes mid-search and presents me with a fresh Google search page every time I use this add-on. Other than this, it is pretty much perfect, but this limits the usability very much. I am open to any solution because I like the simplicity of this add-on.

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