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Word Highlighter

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Works great in general, a good replacement for the now-dead "Vocabulary Highlighter" add-on which I was using before. I had one problem in that I tried to import 2,500 words and they all appear in the word list but on every page only 5-10 are highlighted. I don't know if this is my fault or a fault in the add-on. I have some suggestions:

1. You should be able to import/export your wordlist via a spreadsheet file or something similar. I'm gathering words to make my own dictionary, so being able to easily export and import all my words is very important. Right now you can highlight and copy-paste your wordlist from the add-on into a spreadsheet (thanks so much!!), but you can't import from a spreadsheet.

2. It would be nice if you could change the highlight color. I use another add-on (for people with bad eyesight) that changes all pages to black with white text, but reading white text with yellow highlight is really hard. Other people might want pink highlight for nouns, green highlight for verbs or suffixes, things like that. To other readers: if that option never happens, you can change the browser's highlight colour yourself using Stylish and some CSS.

3. When you first add a word via the right-click (context) menu, you should be able to add the definition at the same time. Right now it adds the word but the definition is blank so you have to immediately click on the add-on icon, click edit for the most recent word and then add the definition. Also right now it's hard to edit words you've already added that have wrong definitions, it would be better if you could right-click on the word on the page and edit it, or type it into a searchbar inside the add-on and it will find the one to edit for you.

4. It would be nice if you could claim one entry was the same as another entry so you didn't have to type the definition in a second time. Ex. "aqua" and "water" would both have the same definition as "water". This is for adding in things like abbreviations, common spelling mistakes, dialectal or historical versions of a word, etc. For example, I'm learning a language with no set spelling system, so the same word is spelled 10 different ways and I have to find and copy-paste the definition every time I find a new spelling!


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Works great, except for that if your screen resolution is too small the image pushes the bottom text off the screen (thus I think it'd be best if you could remove the images in the settings). There's no option to choose your difficulty level, so you can't tell it to ignore all beginner's words for example. But it does what it's supposed to do.

Anti Tumblr Infinite Scroll

Det funkar helt perfekt! Bewertet mit 5 von 5 Sternen

It works so well I forgot that wasn't how Tumblr was by default, until I had to re-install my OS and Firefox! I personally have a lot of trouble with infinite scrolling because I already use so many add-ons to make pages more readable in general (ex. "Darker Background Lighter Font"), which can make the pages lag or even break upon loading the next page in infinite scrollng. Then there's also the fact that on infinite scrolling, if your internet crashes you'll have a hard time finding the exact same place again. Anyway, thanks for this!

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Darker Background Brighter Font

Great!! Bewertet mit 5 von 5 Sternen

This add-on works the best out of all the similar ones that I've tried. It likes to cause problems when writing in text fields on (it begins fine, but then the text will suddenly become small and grey), and sometimes it covers up images, like here on this add-on review screen it covers up the stars for the review rating. On certain sites like it will make the menu links overlap. But those are only small problems and you can just turn off the options for problem sites. It's very easy to use and I'm very glad it exists!

I'm 24 and almost blind, so I'll be using computers for a long time. Unfortunately, websites are now using smaller and smaller text, and whiter and whiter background colors (programs too — Skype for example, is all white). Again, I'm really happy this add-on exists!

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Wikipedia Languages Filter

Good, but missing languages Bewertet mit 4 von 5 Sternen

It would work fine if only ALL of Wikipedia's languages were added! As of now, I can block a few languages but there are still a lot left.


Works perfectly!! Bewertet mit 5 von 5 Sternen

You go to a fic on FFN, right-click and tell it to download something, then (on a mac anyway) you'll get a popup with "it's done!". At that point you right-click again and say "go to download list" to go to their site, and there you can choose how you want to download the story - as an .epub, for example - and you get the entire story, all the chapters, in one nice file!

Tranquility Reader

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(Oops - if you saw my first comment about it cutting off text on the sides, ignore it, that was actually a problem from Firefox's built-in reader that I clicked on mistake)

On Wiktionary, it hides the collapsable grammar charts so I get the article text but not the charts. Example page:

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This was a complete lifesaver! I've been using other add-ons to set the content editability of pages to "true" so that I can edit text pages more visually instead of staring at a wall of HTML, but half the time when I went to save the new pages Firefox would both NOT save the page (giving me an almost unnoticable "download failed" error) AND it would delete the original html file. If not that, then Firefox tends to "save" the file but doesn't actually save the changes I made. I lost a ton of files that way because I didn't notice that it had already eaten the original file etc. I tried doing backups and so on but the saving/eating problem comes so often, and I have to save so often, that it was useless.

However, with this addon it works perfectly! I just make my edits, then right-click and hit "save HTML", open the html file in a text editor and replace the text and I'm done!! It works even when Firefox is being a huge pain! Thank you soo much, I was going crazy.

Minimum Font Size Hotkey

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Works perfectly fine! Read the info and it says the shortcut for Macs is different than for Windows, so pay attention. I didn't notice that the font size setting was at the bottom of the general add-on info because it was so small, but after a few moments of confusion about "What? But there's no settings button on the settings page!" I noticed it.

I have to use this kind of thing for basically every single site I ever go on, because I'm almost blind, so I really want to thank you a lot. There's other add-ons that do similar things but they're either broken or are a packaged deal and I don't want the package.

Page Colors & Fonts Buttons

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It definitely works, but most font sizes aren't changed (for example, the text box for writing this review has a changed-size font, but almost all the other text on the page including on the add-on download page, and my review on the "read reviews" page, isn't changed). It changes the colours for everything in Firefox and carries on for as long as you have the add-on toggled, so you can move from page to page without having to re-click it. The settings box to change the font size and colour is in your normal firefox settings page, the problem is that the colour preferences box can't scroll, so in my case the settings for "link colours" are cut off and I can't change them. Still, it works perfectly fine, I only wish you could add it to the context menu because that's much easier for me than clicking on the navbar.

EDIT: Okay, thanks for the reply! Right now I'm using another addon that changes the minimum font size using a keystroke, it works really well.

The Addon Bar (Restored)

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works totally fine! the bar is super tiny and so it's impossible to see what you actually have put on there, but it does work. i just wish you could adjust size of it, or that it could replace the bookmarks bar (and be directly underneath the URL bar)

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Element Hiding Helper für Adblock Plus

I wish I had known about this way earlier Bewertet mit 5 von 5 Sternen

This is the best addon EVER (along with ones like NoSquint and that can change Firefox's system font)!!! I didn't know I needed it so badly, or that it could help me make the internet so extremely clean and 90's! In combination with the "Remove It Permanently" add-on, I can block anything I want extremely easily, which often ends up being anything that is ugly, annoying, or that clutters up a webpage.

Because I usually have the font size of a webpage enlarged, sometimes this really messes up the site's layout (because no one thinks about half-blind people and their layouts aren't at all expecting a font size bigger than 10px...) and then I can usually remove an image or something that's getting in the way of, say, the search bar.

Mostly I use this on sites that I'm visiting more than once. Good examples being online dictionaries (I blocked the tons of crap on where it says stuff like "This kanji is 22435 in book x"), Memrise (blocked a whooole bunch of text and images, including the header image), (blocked stuff like "my bookmarks" that obstructed the search bar), Tumblr (blocked stuff like "my follower count" and "suggested blogs to follow" along with the ad on the sidebar) and there's just various other sites I visit at least semi-frequently where I blocked things like chatboxes, Twitter feeds, Facebook/Twitter "like" buttons and so on. I think it's very important to note that you can also block specific small pieces of text, for example a single paragraph.

I'm not sure how much faster it makes pages to load, but it's not like I'm blocking all the images on a page either. I also have other addons installed that do stuff like block Google's tracking and hide all comments, which might help the speed... So for me it's not about loading stuff faster, it's just about making me way less irritated when I go online.

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Remove It Permanently

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Works perfectly fine, except sometimes a site will do something weird and it won't work. For example, on I can remove most of the stuff I want to without problems, but there's a few other things that just come back whenever I refresh the page.


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Doesn't seem to work... Is it because I have a touchpad and not an actual mouse with a wheel? I'm on a Mac. Otherwise I would have also liked to be able to choose the shortcut settings, or at least have a few more options that are two-step ones (ex. command-"right arrow key")


Works flawlessly, needs "always on" Bewertet mit 5 von 5 Sternen

Zero problems, however it is really annoying to have to re-click it on every new single webpage (or every single subsequent page of a forum thread). Can we have a little toolbar button and set it to "always on" and then just click it off when not browsing stuff in Esperanto...?

EDIT: Wait, it seems like it is doing it....?? Nevermind, I must be loopy!

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Edit any page

new update broke it, maybe? Bewertet mit 5 von 5 Sternen

Works just fine, and you can even copy styled text, so ex. copy some bolded or coloured text and then write new bold text by just pasting and then replacing those letters.

However I think the newest Firefox update slightly broke this. Now sometimes when I go to delete a paragraph-spacing, it crashes Firefox. It's happened consistently in the same spots on some pages I've been editing so there must be something going on... I was only using normal "p" HTML tags so, nothing weird.

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Edit any page

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Works perfectly fine! When you click the icon, nothing really special will seem to happen, but you can just type away. I wish there was something where you could change text colour, boldness, and italics via this though (I'm not 100% certain but this addon only seems to support straight typing/deleting of text)


Awesome - but abbreviations? Bewertet mit 5 von 5 Sternen

Works fantastic, I especially like the "sticky" feature so it holds in place and I can copy/paste words from it. But are there explanations of the abbreviations anywhere? I can't figure out what "ctr" means for 巻 for example.

I wish you could have the pop-ups be a scrolling box, because sometimes with my font size the pop-up gets longer than the page and I can't see it all.

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Memrise Handler

Great! Bewertet mit 5 von 5 Sternen

I have been using this through the beta test and am still using it now. It seems to work perfectly, the creator is very open to fixing any bugs or trouble that may come up as well. The add-on itself is very customizable, ex. you can choose to have it only track certain courses, track categories instead of individual courses, and can set it to redirect you to your Memrise dashboard instead of "course with least/most to water" among other options. Very easy to figure out how to use as well.


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This is already very useful in that you can customize the dictionaries you use (so I can look up words in an Icelandic dictionary). But a problem is that it doesn't correctly transfer non-German characters into the search: dæmisögu turns into dæmisögu. So you can see that I have to manually fix æ and ö or the dictionary doesn't recognize the word (this is a little hard to make sense of without screencaps though).

I think this would be absolutely fantastic if you could make it so the noun colorization/gender recognition works for languages other than German. Even if the user has to point the addon to a different dictionary and set the guidelines for when it decides which word is which gender themselves, it'd still be a lot better than it is now, meaning if you wanted to do anything you'll have to manually add in every single word and its gender as an "exception".

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