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Prevent Tab Overflow

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I don't know if I would use Firefox without this extension, as I hate having to scroll tabs horizontally. I like that this extension has three options for how narrow tabs can get. It does what it says, and I have not run into any bugs. Thanks for developing it!

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Extended Statusbar

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This extension does not work. Whenever you switch tabs, all the numbers on the status bar reset to zero, making it useless. Not only that, but with just one tab, the numbers are wrong. I can watch a site loading for 30 seconds (with dial-up), and I know it is downloading, but the amount loaded and download speed does not change. I just loaded a page with a 50 KB image, and this extension said only 30 KB had loaded when the page was done.
A more minor problem is the the loading time is shown with 3 decimal places, when it only updates every half second or longer. It is just clutter. It should be rounded to the nearest second.

Diese Bewertung wurde für eine vorherige Version des Add-ons (1.5.4) abgegeben.