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Zhongwen: Chinese-English Popup Dictionary

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Great to finally see this extension on Firefox as well! One of the main reasons I switched to Chrome more than a year ago was due to frustration with Perapera Kun and its incompatibility with Firefox, plus its dictionary database hadn't been updated in ages.

I would really appreciate if you could also add the following features:

1. The 'always ON' option, so that you wouldn't have to turn it on each and every time you restart Firefox.
2. Option to display Chinese characters in different colors, depending on the tone (and let the user choose which colors to use for which tone)? And at the same time leave the pinyin in color black. As a long-time Pleco user I've been using different colors for different characters according to their tones, so it would be great if I could use these same colors in Zhongwen as well.
3. Recognition of words containing Roman letters: e.g. K书, U盘 etc., so that when you hover over the words with Roman letters the definition would still pop up?
4. Option to choose whether to display simplified characters first or traditional characters first in pop up definitions.
5. More frequent updates of the dictionary database? (The current one hasn't been updated since July.)

Please let me know if any of these changes could be done in the near future.

Thanks so much!

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Dictionary Pop-Up by (Official)

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Handy add-on, but it always displays only 1 definition after restart, even when I select "2" or "3" definitions in the settings (and then saving the settings).

Firefox 21 (Mac).

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Perapera Chinese Popup Dictionary

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Great add-on, if only it would be updated more regularly and if the developer actually replied to e-mails once in a while.

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