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Video DownloadHelper

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Great addon.Works perfectly, though there is a few tweaks/work arounds you need to do at times, but its fairly simple...(like it sometimes changes the default download directly, and sometimes when it downloads, it will download it with no extension, which you just have to manually add yourself, which takes like 0.01 seconds...)

and ofcourse it wont work with EVERY video or media file... since some use direct streams, which are impossible to "download", you would need to use audio or video capture software for that.

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Google Übersetzer, Website-Übersetzer ImTranslator

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Nice addon and easy to use. It updates frequently, but for some reason has still yet to add one very important feature... being able to translate a page while viewing it... there should be a right click option to translate the page...
i dont get why it wouldnt have this, i mean im sure "most" translation requests are for reading pages.
id rather not go to google to have to translate a page, i want to translate it while viewing it.

Other then that, its an AMAZING addon, and if there was a right click option for on the fly page translations, it would be an easy 5/5.

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