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Classic Theme Restorer (Fx29-56)

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Highly recommended if too (like me) are not impressed with the UI changes in Firefox 29. It lets me restore the look and feel of the Firefox 28, and much more. Great add-on. Thanks a lot to the developer !

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A really good addon becomes even better ! Bewertet mit 5 von 5 Sternen

Thanks Latif for providing the sync support ! I am already using it again since yesterday. I was keenly keeping a watch for the sync support by checking for newer versions of categorize every now and then, both on this official firefox addons website as well as your support website(s) for this addon.

But I was facing a little problem with the sync which has ultimately been resolved by closing firefox and deleting the old bookmarks.sqlite from the folder [Firefox profile folder]\categorize. Everything became normal once categorize performed a resync.

Actually, I had been keeping categorize disabled since long (a few months). So, when I enabled the addon, and also enabled the sync feature, (and later even forced a full resync), I found a lot of duplicate bookmarks in my Firefox bookmarks. Maybe, the old bookmarks.sqlite file of categorize was too old, and while I was not using categorize for the last few months, I had cleaned my Firefox bookmarks by using the online "de-duplicate bookmarks" feature of XMarks, and by some other means. Perhaps, what categorize did on enabling sync was re-add those old duplicates from within its old bookmarks.sqlite to the Firefox bookmarks database. Moreover, I could not solve this problem after doing a de-duplication of online copy of Firefox bookmarks again, and subsequently applying "Synchronize Now" command of XMarks (just to make doubly sure that the Firefox's local copy of bookmarks database had its bookmarks "de-duplicated"). Categorize would again add duplicates to the Firefox bookmarks while performing a resync.

Lastly, I had to delete the old bookmarks.sqlite of categorize, and repeat the de-duplication process to finally get rid of this problem.

But I can understand that sync is a new and bonus feature addition to this already promising addon. I hope that this little problem would be rectified in the next version. The developer of this addon seems very open to new ideas and discussions on merits and demerits of a feature or interface element. I like and appreciate the underlying revolutionary concept of using categories instead of tags, and I expect and hope that with a little polishing of the already very clean UI and some nice finishing strokes to the sync feature, this addon has the potential to become one the best bookmarking related addons for Firefox.

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The addon seems to have a impressive feature set. My bookmarks menu had become very unresponsive recently. But after categorize took over the bookmarking system yesterday, things seem to have become breezier again. What impressed me the most was that after a brief initial setup, it was able to instantaneously show lists of duplicates beside my bookmarks. One has to use it to believe in its prowess. Highly recommended! A real novel approach to make the huge set of stored bookmarks really usable! But alas i may not be able to use its impressive and user-friendly feature set as i am accustomed to using XMarks for backing up my bookmarks, and XMarks doesn't seem to be see any new bookmarks created since the installation of this addon. I would love to use this addon though once my concern for online backup of my bookmarks is resolved. I am open to any suggestions and alternatives to my way of backing up my bookmarks.

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Thanks a million to the developer! Bewertet mit 5 von 5 Sternen

Absolutely essential addon if u use google bookmarks! Other similar addons for google bookmarks are not even a pale shadow of this great addon.
Hats off to the developer!
And thanks a million for the FF 4 compatible update. I tried other similar addons when i could not find a FF 4.0 compatible version, but it seemed it was an easier option to abandon using the google bookmarks service temporarily than to use it with an addon other than GMarks.
Please keep up the good work, John!

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