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NoSquint Benötigt Neustart

NoSquint is no longer maintained. :(

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Tree Style Tab

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What can I say: were it not for this addon, I would not be using Firefox. Piro has undertaken a thankless, herculean task to rewrite from scratch a very mature extension using a new, immature API, wrestling with its many limitations, working with Mozilla to extend the API to bring this add-on, and many others, up to more usable levels.

There are many rough edges with this new WebExtensions version of TST, but it would be impossible to penalize Piro for those, as I see just how much effort he his putting into bringing the best possible experience to his users.

WebExtensions or not, TST is utterly indispensable. And it will only get better from here.

(Piro: I understand how demoralizing it must be to get these 1 star reviews from users who don't know any better. Hope you're sufficiently able to ignore them.)

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YouTube High Definition

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Long time user of this fantastic add-on, but had to disable it due to the recent autoplay change. Imagine what it's like opening your Failblog (or whatever) feed and having every video start playing at the same time?

Looking forward to a future version that reverts this or at least makes it an option.

Edit: just saw the update that makes this optional. We're back in business now!

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