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Web Developer

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(Aside- Not so intuitive that I have to click on the stars to make a comment)

So, the automatic updating I just did of Firefox (circa 2017-11) seems to give me a version of Web Developer that's quite different...

I don't seem to have the right-click content menu anymore.

And even more critically, there doesn't seem to be a "Save Generated Source" feature anymore.

Is that true?

If not, then could someone please tell me how to find it.

And if true, then might I inquire if there are any plans to re-implement this useful feature?


[Update - I see that this new version of Firefox is a complete bomb wrt Web Developer, and that others have noted the disappearance of "Save Generated Source" (+ a lot more). I think the instructions for downloading the old version + extension is very useful. I wish Firefox would provide an automatic roll-back for this sort of stuff. I've actually almost switched to Chrome due to the "downgrade" performance of the Firefox "upgrades". The philosophy seems to fundamentally disregard backwards compatibility - and must be a constant hardship to extension writers

PS- I hate (not a lot, just a little) the new Firefox icon. Change just for change's sake?]

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Who or what isn't working anymore? Bewertet mit 5 von 5 Sternen

Apparently Mozilla doesn't like to allow the criticism that they should share responsibility (or maybe should assume full responsibility) for the fact this add-on no longer works.

When the add-on was working - it was just what the doctor ordered. In memory of that state of affairs, I rate it 5-stars.

My previous review was deleted without even so much as a notification. As far as not posting bug reports... 100% of the latest reviews do exactly that - how can they not? The add-on has been irrevocably broken since Mozilla has decided to abandon any semblance of backwards-compatibility in the quest for speed.

(Oh, and editing comments still needs to respect newlines)