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Booly Einkaufen - Gutscheine & Preisvergleich

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I love this app, I have saved a bundle of cash on a wide variety of online purchases.

The only reservation I have is that the app is still being listed on Mozilla as an "Unverified Author" and a potential security risk which is a huge Red-Flag for privacy enthusiasts who want to minimize the risk of unsecured data transmissions and identity theft.

Please get this app "Verified" and give us the peace of mind we want when using this phenomenal tool, no app is worth compromising personal information.

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Sad to see it go, I was a happy user for many years, in the past week, nadda, Tempomail simply does not work anymore?!

It's not that the Add-on itself is crashing or anything, there simply aren't any servers for Tempomail to create the temporary disposable emails with, the result of which is ZIP, NADDA, NO TEMPORARY EMAIL CREATED!

As far as I can tell, Tempomail's backbone servers are DOA. Pinging the server's IP results in a timeout, so apparently the server is now offline.

So sad to see this Add-on close down, it was my #1 most favorite and most used tool, I would have gladly paid for this or made a donation had I known it was facing financial challenges, it would have been worth every penny paid!

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Ad blocker

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Better than Ad Block Plus, which cannot be run for YouTube because the videos fail to play, this Ad Blocker however, lets videos play WHILE somehow ingeniously blocking the annoying ads that plague YouTube more and more (especially with the crappy new YouTube layout, this plugin is everything you need and then some!)

Best of class Firefox Ad Blocker I found yet for YouTube and naturally, any other website that contains the unwanted intrusion of forced-advertisements! Now you have control!

This plugin is brilliance in action and why Mozilla Open-Source is still KING...


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Best Temporary email app online today. I've never had a single issue yet and I've been an avid user of Tempomail for the past 18 months. Zero loss of redirected emails, always forwards validation-required emails and terminates the randomly generated temporary email exactly when I specify. To use, I simply do this: with my cursor in the "email box" or "form field" I simply right click the empty email field on any website to call up Tempomail menu, then I select which real email addresses I want email generated from the site to forward to. Then I chose the duration I want my tempomail to forward mail (to my real address) and click submit! Works like a charm. Tempomail is on my top 10 list of most useful Firefox Add-Ons and I could not live without it. My email inbox is perpetually spam-free, even though I'm a fully validated, verified member of hundreds of online forums and members only special interest groups that are otherwise known for spamming unsolicited mail after signup. Thanks to Tempomail, I'm never hoodwinked into having to submit my real email address to join a forum or whatever, only to be SPAMMED by endless junkmail once my email is fraudulently sold to offshore list brokers by various site owners or admins who promote bogus 'Privacy Policies' on information sharing. Tempomail solves the problem of needing to validate yourself for inclusion on members-only sites in order to access protected content. Now you can sign up on a website one time, validate yourself and do it all anonymously. Trust me, you'll never receive another unauthorized spam from the sites you join using Tempomail's temporary emails. This add-on works especially well on sites that you suspect my be untrustworthy when handling your real email information, even when you're expressly told that your email is safe from such activity. Now there's a surefire way to force every website and corrupt liar who requires "live email validation" from you, to keep their word. Tempomail has been a godsend and has been virtually flawless for the 18 months I've had fortune to use the free service. It's exactly what every Internet surfer needs in their arsenal to help protect your online identity and personal email from being leased, rented, sold and abused by scammers and spammers. Install Tempomail NOW, you will thank me for recommending it.

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The Camelizer - Price Tracker

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I have been using this great tool and thrilled that my purchases help provide multiple streams of income straight into the Camel's mouth, they deserve every dollar of affiliate income derived from the products I buy!

No savvy NewEgg.com or Best Buy shopper should be without this tool, it provides immense leverage when buying that cool new gadget you've just gotta have and helps determine lowest price historical data and whether or not the merchant's latest liquidation, blowout, extravaganza or clearance sale is really all they claim or just a bunch of smoke & mirrors, fake markdowns off inflated prices or everyday prices with rebate hassles attached (and who wants those!)

It would be great if the Camelizer could be interfaced with that really cool Lowest-Price Search Engine "TheFind.com" which has tens of thousands of merchants, not just a few big ones.

In any event, Camelizer is a must have Firefox Add-on, even if its usability and breadth has sadly being narrowed down to just two.

I find both Camilizer and TheFind.com as the web's most indispensable tools for daily use. Camelizer far exceeds the competition, even if greedy multinational corporations like BP.. err, I mean Amazon, have banned/blocked both Camelizer and TheFind.com so they can scam, fleece and hoodwink unsuspecting customers out of money with bogus "lowest price of the season" sales, when in reality, tools like Camelizer told you the truth behind Amazon's price-fix and market-manipulation. I realize now all the big boys play dirty and I will have no part of it.

In fact, I just deleted my Amazon account, after 11 years and spending tens of thousands of dollars with them, shopping Amazon is now a pointless endeavor and virtually useless without my trusty Camelizer working to reveal hidden truths at every click and turn of the page.

Amazon, shame on you! Bite the hand that feeds you? That's Epic Fail.

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Remember, according to the developer, this tiny app is "still in BETA, so use it at your own risk." This plugin seems to have been last updated way back on June 19th, 2008, well over a year ago! Sadly, 'My Stickies' may have once been an awesome FF app, but today seems not to work in any currently used iteration of Mozilla FireFox. The plugin may even crash your Windoze-based system forcing a 'Safe Mode' reboot to get rid of it manually. My advice, until until the developer ever bothers getting around to fixing some critically glaring APPCRASH flaws in its outdated code, don't bother unless you enjoy tinkering with long since abandoned plugins... or tearing your hair out in frustration your Vista/Windows 7 system implodes.


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Remember, this tiny app is still in beta, use at your own risk. It was last updated way back on June 19th, 2008, well over a year ago! My Stickies does not work in any current or updated iteration of Mozilla FireFox, and may crash your system forcing a reboot into 'Safe Mode' to get rid of it manually. My advice, until until these people fix some critically serious flaws, don't bother.