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Name Geoff Lankow
Benutzer seit February 26, 2009
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I'm a software writer/website developer/designer from Auckland, New Zealand. I have a Bachelor of Engineering (Software Engineering) from the University of Auckland.

I'm a volunteer contributor to the Mozilla project, making life easier for users and add-on developers alike.

I rely on user donations to justify any time I spend making add-ons, so please donate! If you'd rather send me Bitcoin instead of using PayPal, use this address: 1MgmXssGd1P8gpXGda5E7ndh9G9Ta4nCsf

Add-ons, die ich angelegt habe

Cookie Time Kein Neustart

Call time on cookies you don't want or need. Cookie Time removes expired and unused cookies, and sets all other cookies to expire in a sensible timeframe.

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281 Benutzer

Zippy Extension Packager Kein Neustart

Creates XPI files of extensions you have installed.

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New Zealand English

An updated version of the original NZ English dictionary at

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Feedly Helper for Tab Badge Kein Neustart

Adds an "unread items" count to the page title when you're viewing Feedly.

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190 Benutzer

History Button Kein Neustart

Adds a button with the history drop-down menu to the Firefox toolbar, next to the bookmarks button.

Not compatible with Firefox 29! This functionality is built-in now, you don't need an add-on.

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Messaging Menu and Unity Launcher Integration

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I had to change "" to "" in modules/LibDBusmenu.jsm to get it working, but apart from that, great!

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