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Browser Turns Editor

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Superbe add-on, du même niveau que la Web Developper Toolbar ou Firebug au niveau du service apporté. Pas aussi puissant sans doute mais qui va vite le deveni si l'on en croit les sentiments du développeur.
Je rejoins les commentaires précédents: unu bouton d'accès serait le bienvenu. A suivre

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This extension is one of the best Firefox extension and have many great functions.

I like really this extension; it's one that I use every day.

1/I've just a little problem with the adds-on presents on your site (http://amb.vis.ne.jp/mozilla/scrapbook/addons.php?lang=en)
. I(s impossible to install them on the version 3 of FF, about Firefox3 security: "This add-on will not be installed because it don't offer a security version".

I's a pity, because on the FF2, it's OK and much great with these add-on.

2/Secundo: it will be great to modify inside the rdf file, le version number permitted.

3/A little suggestion: Used the multi-scrapbook is vreally a pleasure; but sometimes, we must move some folder from one categorize to another categorize. And for that, the import/export tool is not the best tway for that. It would be better to have à special tool for that.
(But your combinaison tool is really perfect, to compil many pWeb pages. Fabulous.)

4/Last thing: excuse me for my english: I'm french.

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Bookmark Sync and Sort

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L'outil idéal pour gérer, discrètement, ses favoris.