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Baby Penguins by MaDonna

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So cute!

Dictionary Pop-Up by (Official)

So great, can't believe there are only 9 reviews! Bewertet mit 5 von 5 Sternen

Today I decided to look for an instant pop-up dictionary as I am frequently using the Firefox search plugin to search for words. This requires me leaving the page I am reading, opening a new tab, and changing the search to and pasting the text into the search box and searching. I thought: 'Wouldn't it be great to have these definitions appear beside the word without having to leave the page?" Well I actually expected to find a few such addons but after browsing the search results here I found only this one that offers the 'not-leave-the-page' exact tool that I was after.
At first I thought it wasn't working as I had expected to have to select the text with the mouse and either the popup would appear or I would find something in the context (right-click) menu. But it's actually much simpler: you just point and double click on a word as you would on any link and the popup definition appears,Wonderful addon, can finally remove that dictionary search from my too-long list of search plugins!

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Simple Currency Converter

Instant results, easy to use Bewertet mit 5 von 5 Sternen

So cool to see actual figures on the page you're looking at without having to click or go anywhere. The icing on the cake is a toolbar toggle button allowing for instant enable/disable. Great add-on, would so love to find a similar tool for detecting & converting timezones, so if anyone knows of one please let me know!

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Simple Currency Converter

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Great little tool, not a single other one I've tried comes close in it's simplicity. Especially great is the toggle button that can immediately add or remove the conversions right next to the original price. Superb!

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Fast Video Download

Fantastic! Does what it says on the tin! Bewertet mit 5 von 5 Sternen

I've spent the last few days trying various Mozilla extensions and even extra software - this is the end of my journey! I just tested it and it downloaded 10MB of data from YouTube in about 10 seconds. As yet, I've only tried the .flv format but even if this is 'all' it does, it's fine. You can watch flv video clips on free sofware - I'm using this one:
Thank you, highly recommended!

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Simple, sweet, already loving it! Bewertet mit 5 von 5 Sternen

I rate this little plugin so highly because I have been searching for a few weeks now to find some sort of addition for my context menu to insert snippets of text I use a lot. Most of the software I found was overly complicated, or offering text autofills as part of web 'form-filler' apps, or via keyboard shortcuts. "Signature" does exactly what I want - no more, no less. Every time I right-click in any text box, I have a submenu ready to insert the word or phrase, rather then me having to type it each time. Configuration is a piece of cake: right-click on the program's little icon in the statusbar on the bottom of your browser, and click on the 'Options' command that appears. Then simply choose 'Add'. You have 2 things to enter: the name you want to see in your context menu, and the actual text that gets inserted. This is particularly useful if you want to add passwords to your list, as you can insert them without anyone near your computer screen seeing the actual word (e.g. They would instead see something like "My Flickr password").
I installed it about 2 hours ago and I'm already feeling 'dependent' on it now! Great little plugin, well done!