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Twitbin - Twitter Sidebar for Firefox

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I was an Echofon user, and with the twitter api change, I have searched for a replacement, which I have found in TwitterBin. But I would like to make a few suggestions:

1 - Since I use only one account with this add-on, it annoys me to click on the only name just to log in. You could make it automatically log in when it has only one account, or in case that more than one exists, automatically log in in the last one used;
2 - When logging in, highlight the last tweet read from last session, so it would be easy to follow all the updates from that point on, pretty much as it is done now when you click on "View New Tweets", but since it will have many more tweets, it could show a message like "Newer Tweets", or the backgroud could have a bright different color, like red or blue.
3 - Add a mouse "middle click" on links to open a new tab on backup ground, without changing the current webpage on the the main window
4 - Add a feature to show photos inside the tweet, like the Twitter site is doing.

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