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Doesn't work with FF 20 - not even the add-on beta Bewertet mit 1 von 5 Sternen

I tried this add-on - first standard, then beta (0.6b3) - on two computers with Win 7 / FF 20: no go. Pressing the keyboard short cut - nothing happens. Firefox menu: shows "Restart" option alright (in active black), but selecting it won't do anything.DoPo's advice (disable, then re-enable notifications): that's too vague, don't know how to do that (where's that options menu supposed to be?).Seems to me that this add-on isn't supported any more => only one star. If I find out how to make this work, I may happily reconsider.

Trueblock Plus

Bewertet mit 5 von 5 Sternen

I'm very satisfied!

Deactivating that unwanted function in Adblock Plus just didn't work on my system - but now I'm surfing without ads again, finally!

One more word: be careful about negative reviews of TrueBlock. Just like Adblock Plus got some ... strange positive feedback even (or especially) after being sold off to big business, there is also some negative feedback to expect here. After all, TrueBlock's initiator is peeing on the internet ad industry. And they know how to create spin - positive /and/ negative ...


Nice idea, but buggy => TMN = privacy theatre! Bewertet mit 1 von 5 Sternen

(Update 28.02.2012: Problem's still there, even with FF 10 & updated TMN!)
Hi! I'm giving this only one star: the idea may be nice, but the developper obviously won't consider bug reports. I'm having the same bug as FFrules 3 months (!) ago: TMN seems to work only once when you start up Firefox, and then stops to work. "No new searches are shown in the status bar. The only way to wake it back up is to disable and re-enable it." I'm adding: when I'm opening the options menu by right-clicking on the TMN icon in the status bar, I can't open my search terms or see the log file. The buttons just don't react.

This way, it's really becoming a privacy issue. While I agree that Bruce Schneier expects something from TMN that it wasn't designed for, this bug now means that TMN becomes a mere privacy theatre: your searches are not just not obfuscated, with this buggy TMN your browser actually becomes an attendance recorder for your IP / browser sessions at AOL, bing, yahoo and google.

Btw., I'm using Win 7 x64, Ff 7.0.1. I'm also using my own RSS feeds, but the problem is the same with the default feeds (checked it). I searched for the log and search term files on my hard disk and checked them: they're still updated whenever I'm starting a browser session. But just one query, and finish.
Plus another problem: if you use RSS feeds that contain non-english Roman characters - like c-cedille, or German umlauts - those characters will just be deleted from search texts. Now that looks like a characteristic signature for Firefox with buggy TMN installed! It's like sending a calling card: hey, here's someone who tries to obfuscate his searches. This bug, plus the one mentioned above mean that someone with access to search engine company logs 1) knows that this IP uses TMN; and 2) at what times of the day you usually get to start your browsing sessions. Meaning, in big, big letters,


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Useful, but often unnerving Bewertet mit 3 von 5 Sternen

Nice and useful, but there's one problem - please resolve that in a later update:

Whenever my KeePass database is not loaded, KeeFox will bug me to load it whenever I'm opening a new page. Of course I can always click it away, but shouldn't I have the option to click it away once and for all during a browser session? I should be able to log in when I want to, not because some add-on is continually nagging me to.
Hi! This as an update to your answer: Thanks. Yeah, I'm not a native English speaker, so please allow for the occasional mistake ...
"Notification": Well, seems like I really missed that when looking through the options menu. Admittedly, that was a cold one.
Now I've found another problem, but I'm ready to improve my rating when you tell me how to manage that: when I'm starting my browser (Ff 7.0.1) while KeePass is already running, I can't use any KeeFox functionalities - the button with the lock on it remains greyed out until I /close and restart/ KeePass. So there's still some ... annoyance, as I'm using a rather long and complex passphrase. Thanks in advance.

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Please update for 6.x.x! Bewertet mit 5 von 5 Sternen

Hi guys! It's nice that you offer your updates for 6.x, but with all due respect: how can I be sure those downloads aren't malicious? There aren't even user reviews over there. So, please benki: update your great addon as soon as possible and upload it here! Thx'alot & greetings!

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