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History Submenus II

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Thank you thank you thank you!
One of my favorite extensions of all time. I use daily to find pages I browsed, need the url; but was too busy on my little click hunt.
Good to follow your browsing trends as well.
Please update the description for the old add-on so people like me don't have a heart attack!

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Full Flat

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Full flat is the only theme I have used for Firefox for the past few years. I have purposely not updated my Firefox to the new version to keep this theme. However, that is no longer an option for me, as I am switching to a new computer.

PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE update this theme to work with the newer versions of Firefox; I BEG of you!

Cylence Theme : Diamond Variation (for Firefox 2)

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Please update for FF 3.x


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So bummed I can't download this for my Bronco-fanatic Husband.

Please update for FF 3.X

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