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WindowShopper - Discover Visually

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Let me say that I had no knowledge of the developer or anyone/anything related to this add-on when I installed it. In fact, I am going to read more about it after I write this, but I truly wanted this to be an unbiased review, coming from a real user who happens to be an experienced I.T. tech and an avid Internet user/shopper/consumer. So, with that said: I LOVE THIS ADD-ON! and would give it MORE than 5 stars if possible...
However, I almost uninstalled it before I gave it a chance because I truly hate ads, and when I first saw the little windows with "ads" in it popping up all the time, I was a little annoyed as I spend a lot of time on the Amazon website (see below for why...) So: the moral of the story is you have to give it a true trial to see its true beauty! [If you are not shopping, you can turn it off easily on each page or by temporarily disabling it, but sometimes it is interesting even if you aren't shopping!!] If you ARE shopping, this add-on is fantastic! It has truly saved me a lot of money so, just take the time to learn how it works, and you will see!
First of all, once you "zero in" on a product that you are interested in, this terrific little tool will literally "scan" your product and put a small window with the same and "similar" items for sale elsewhere on the Internet which is great for comparison shopping!!! [The sites all seem to be very "trustworthy" sites too, which of course is very important to watch!]
So, as a "retired" IT geek, I am not only an avid online shopper, but I also have recently become an eBay and Amazon seller. This tool works great for both of these roles; buyer and seller! I can see what prices are out there for items I want to sell, and I can find alternative prices when I want to buy.
I'll give you a recent specific example: a few days ago, I wanted to buy some refills for a pet-hair upholstery cleaner tool, and in the past, I have always purchased them online because they are hard to find (and expensive) in my local stores. So: I went to Amazon, and when I got to the product page, the lowest price was $6.29 that day. The "WindowShopper" popped up under the product picture, and showed about 6-8 other options, one of which was drugstore.com for only $4.29! :) That meant a $2.00 savings each, and I wanted at least a few of them. I clicked on the "WindowShopper" picture for drugstore.com, and it took me straight to the product page, where I found that in addition to the $2 savings, there was a special: buy one, get one 50% off sale for the brand I wanted! I found that they offered free shipping if you spent $25.00 or more, so 4 at $4.29 and 4 @ 2.15 brought my total just over $25.00. However, then they offered $5.00 off a $30.00 purchase, so I decided to go ahead and purchased 10 of them, bringing my total to $30.70 to activate the coupon. Bottom line: instead of 10 @ 6.29 ($62.90,) my bill was only $25.70 for 10 of them!! I SAVED $37.20 (almost 60%) in one ordinary transaction, without having to search all over the internet for prices!! P.S. This was Monday, and I received them Wednesday, even with the "free" 5-7 day shipping.
I apologize for the long review, but I thought a "real example" would be helpful if you are considering this add-on! As I said, I almost uninstalled it without even giving it a chance, but I am VERY GLAD that I didn't! This is definitely a keeper!! [No disrespect to Amazon, either! It just worked out that this time Amazon was not the cheapest price, and this add-on gave me that information in just a few seconds without going through the normal long shopping search process. Check it out - if you're an Internet shopper, I bet you will find it as invaluable as I do!
A great big TY to the developer for such a great money-saving tool; I'm looking forward to the future development of this add-on.

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Ghostery – datenschutzorientierter Werbeblocker

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I've only been using this add-on for a few hours but I already LOVE IT!! It is amazing to me how much junk my browser has been accepting, even using AdBlock (which I also love...)

Ghostify is so configurable that it can be completely transparent, or it can provide prompts and information with pop-ups. I'm leaving the pop-ups for now while I'm still configuring my blocking options, but I'll probably let it be more in the "background" once I'm satisfied with choosing my options to block...

Highly recommend this to everyone interested in keeping their information private on the net.

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