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Name Didier Lafleur
Benutzer seit February 4, 2008
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Radio Player Benötigt Neustart

Easy access to French radio channels.

Accès rapide et facile aux principales stations de radio françaises

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746 Benutzer

Search image Benötigt Neustart

Select some text, right-click and choose"Search image" in the menu, a Google Image tab will open with your results.

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697 Benutzer

Wikipedia to Google Images

Add a link in Wikipedia pages that opens new tab with related images.
Results by Google images.

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404 Benutzer

My Map Benötigt Neustart

Get the map of your location instantly!
One click on "My map" in status bar and you are done.

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Find and replace Benötigt Neustart

Easily find and replace words or sentence in web pages. Useless...

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The Addon Bar (Restored)

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Very Good!
Now, people can easily continue to use some of my addons : )
Thanks a lot!

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