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Android version - status? Bewertet mit 5 von 5 Sternen

I've used this for years on PCs. Just got a nexus 7. Seems to work OK on the syles I've tried. But controls are v. limited - e.g. can only disable whole addon AFAICS, not temporarily or per style. But I note it was categorised 'experimental' so I assume this is a work in progress. (And thanks for it.)Where do I see latest status and report bugs in Android version?

EDITED: Jason has pointed out that I can indeed disable an individual style - apologies - how did I miss that?

It would be nice to have 'Stylish' in the menu you get by tapping the dots - like ABP does. Maybe 'Disable userstyles on this page'. Better still a submenu to save going via tools...

Any way to get a userstyle in without publishing it on userstyles.org?
Any plans for Create or Edit styles options?

Anyway, thanks again for Stylish.

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