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Body FX

Über mich

Name Body FX
Ort Kansas City MO
Beruf Insurance
Benutzer seit Feb. 26, 2012
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Finding out increasingly more that every day is a blessing, reward, and an opportunity. A chance to positively have an effect on somebody's life and to fully realize The lord's blessings about our lives.

I every day enjoy assisting people with their fitness and financial goals through Body FX. Nothing feels better helping people achieve their goals.

I've been given the astounding reward of 2 kiddo's. They have give me life via their souls, their joy, their hearts and minds.

I'd like my life to be dedicated to the assistance of other people by way of conversation, hard work, and good times.

I love to laugh and make other people laugh...I enjoy discussion which usually continues to open my mind to other peoples, lifestyles, and opinions.

I believe Everybody warrants the opportunity and to locate their own success in life. Nobody ought to be refused the road they choose because of their life-style, faith, or passion.

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Love it thanks for the extension