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Name conpanbear
Benutzer seit Mai 2, 2012
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English (Australian) Dictionary

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One of my *favourite* add-ons for Firefox. The English (Australian) Dictionary prevents Australian English words being marked as incorrect. Before I had the add-on, I wasted time second-guessing my spelling because of that little wiggly, red line; even if I was certain I'd spelled a word correctly, I double-checked it every time. How annoying!! Luckily, I found this add-on, and it's been brilliant ever since. I don't have to ignore all the red wiggly lines now; it picks up my actual typos, and has saved me many times from posting incorrectly-spelled words online. I can't recommend the English (Australian) Dictionary for Firefox more highly to anyone who uses Australian English spelling.

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My favourite Firefox add-on is Rikaichan. As a student learning Japanese at a university level, I spend a lot of time reading Japanese texts online. I used to copy the kanji and words I didn't know, open a new tab, look up the Jim Breen online dictionary, paste the text, search... now, with the Rikaichan add-on, you can simply hover over the text, and BAM, there's the translation!!

Of course, this is brilliant for when you see a kanji that you don't know how to pronounce, plus it tells you right away if the word you've looked up is a name; in Jim Breen, you have to activate a separate dictionary. Furthermore, when looking up verbs that are in any form other than the dictionary form, it tells you explicitly what form of the verb it is. For example, if you look up 食べさせる, it will come up with the dictionary form 食べる(causative), which is actually more powerful than the Jim Breen website, which just directs you to the dictionary form without telling you the original verb form.

For anyone wishing to experience to Japanese online, nothing beats the simplicity of using the Rikaichan Firefox add-on.

Diese Bewertung wurde für eine vorherige Version des Add-ons (2.04.1-signed) abgegeben.