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Targeted Advertising Cookie Opt-Out (TACO)

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I am sad I have to write this review: I feel I have been tricked into believing that there has been a improved version of "TACO version 2".

'TACO' had been a snippet of coded mozilla addon that installed write protected opt-out cookies into our browsers. "TACO" have earned our trust for doing this in a good and trustworthy way. And now I had to learn that "TACO V3" is kind of "nome de guerre".

I believed I downloaded a improved version of TACO. I had to see that I have been forced to beta test a product they call "ABITE". There are icons on your browsers' toolbar with large labeled "beta".

I do not trust in folks who pretend to stop others from tracking my on-line behaviors while they do try to trick me into beta testing their software for them.

In my personal opinion "ABITE" should go the same way as other firefox add-ons: First being an experimental add-on they should earn our trust in them through THEIR OWN product cycle not that of others.

Perhaps they could have called their beta software of "ABITE" something like "TACO plus". Using the upgrade channel of absolute different add-on - is in my oppinion nothing I would call "trustworth". I feel reminded by this "upgrade" of those wooden horse that has proven to be a clever vehicle for ancient Greeks ... you know what I mean!?

May be from a more informed point of view their aim is right, they deliver more opt-out cookies ... but I do not want to get "beta quality" software of strangers, full of bugs of send via the mozilla upgrade channel of a formerly trusted source. Fullstop.

My advice: Apply for your own developer account and retry submitting your "Beta Abite" as new and experimental add-on. This you should and could have done before. I have been annoyed by your kind of juvenile attempt to circumvent mozilla's model of trust.

I am sorry but this is why I have to write this review publicly onto TACO's review page to prevent others in making the same negative experiences I made.

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