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ODP Editor Tool

Tool for Open Directory (DMOZ) editors. When enabled, shows if the currently visited website's status in the Open Directory.

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Power Debugger (Selenium IDE)

Really useful: Should be part of the base Selenium IDE Bewertet mit 5 von 5 Sternen

Scripting a site with Selenium IDE is an iterative process: you try something, it does not quite work, you try again. The ability to restart where you left off, or skip a failed step, is golden. Thanks!


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It's great, sort of. I turned it off. The little preview button comes up anytime you hover over a link... and this gets old fast. The right click menu has no preview option, just some bloatware to send email or initiate a search. I'll be trying other plugins for this same feature. Also read the licence carefully: this is ad supported software.

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Blind prefetching is a really bad seemingly good idea. Avoid this addon.