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Andaaju Benötigt Neustart

Roughly estimate how much time it will take for Youtube to buffer the video on current page

"Andaaju" means 'a rough estimate' in my native language Kannada (

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Lacks basic features. Decent UI Bewertet mit 2 von 5 Sternen

- The UI is decent and pleasing.
- Autocomplete of header names is good
- Cannot POST raw JSON data - Big let down. Went back to Poster because of this.

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Twitbin - Twitter Sidebar for Firefox

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I was looking for an Echofon replacement and this is the best one I could find, although it is far from Echofon in terms of usability and features.

The UI is much more pleasant than that of Echofon but a few key essential features are missing. They are :

1) Does not update twitter feed in the background when the sidebar is closed. Every time I open the sidebar, it asks me to choose my account (despite that being the only account) and it then pulls the feed. I would rather want it to keep polling at regular intervals in the background and show a notification with count for any new unread tweets.

1.1) Oh and having to choose that same account every time is also irritating, despite it being the only account.

2) When composing a tweet, it doesn't automatically shorten any URL in the tweet text. Echofon on the other hand does this conversion while composing the tweet itself and shows the number of remaining characters considering the length of the shortened url.

3) Related to the above feature, Echofon shows the actual URL (mostly truncated) instead of the "" wrapper urls. It gives you an idea as to what the link is about

4) Right clicking on a link does not give me an option to copy the link location, so that I can paste it somewhere else. I have to copy the link text by selecting it manually.

5) It does not have a custom user profile view. It instead opens the twitter page for that user. I generally am not logged into twitter website, so a custom view is more helpful for actions like follow/unfollow/block or sending direct messages after viewing a profile.

With these changes I think this will be an awesome replacement for Echofon.

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Not really production ready yet. It probably uses the Twitter API in a wrong way, resulting in API limit being hit at launch of this extension. Also the UI is appears pretty cluttered.

I tried v1.4.0 and v.1.5.0 and both behaved the same way. Needs a lot of UI refinement and also sanitizing the API usage.

Scientific Calculator

3.6 Compatibility Bewertet mit 3 von 5 Sternen


Can you please update this to be compatible with 3.6?

AFAIK, it would not be anything more than install.rdf change. I don't think this add-on has so much dependency on the platform that it would require lot of code change to be compatible with newer versions of FF.

Thanks for this nifty little addon. Comes in handy a lot of times.


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Copy of TwitterBar Bewertet mit 1 von 5 Sternen

This is an exact replica of Twitter Bar and the worst part, it does not acknowledge that. Very Bad. Not at all the Open Source way of doing things.

There are two enhancements though, the red/blue bird and the posting images to twit-pic. But these should have gone as enhancements to Twitter Bar instead of copying it into a new add-on.

Once again Very Very BAD.