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Name Bail Bonds Santa Ana
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Beruf Bail Bonds Service
Benutzer seit Mai 18, 2013
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24 Hour Bail Bonds in Santa Ana CA
At EZ BAIL U - Santa Ana located at 2208 N Main St #1, Santa Ana, CA 92706 Phone Number: (657) 229-5245. 24 Hour Bail Bonds in Santa Ana CA We are always open and believe that you should never be required to press a 3 or other combinations just to talk with someone. We have been in business since 2008 and strive to make Santa Ana and Orange County a better place. We offer Bail Bonds Service to everyone in California. Even if you are located out side of CA we will be able to assist you over the phone and by email or text. One of the many free services offered is a ride home if you would like we also can provide food, or other things as well. Getting arrested in Santa Ana, CA can happen at any time of the day. Thats why here at EZ BAIL U - Santa Ana we are and will always be open! - Now Open, 24 Hour Bail Bonds in Santa Ana, CA.

DUI Bail Bonds in Santa Ana, CA
Have you ever been out with friends and you are all drinking and don't seem to realize who is gonna drive home? Probably if you have ever been in that situation you have been pulled over for drunk driving, or in Santa Ana - Orange County you would say a DUI. A DUI can be considered a very very serious charge. If you have multiple DUI charges you could look at a large amount of jail time, fines, even maybe lose your license. More then likely you will want to find an attorney and receive a discount on Bail Bonds in Santa Ana, CA. At 8% premium of the full Bail Bond Amount saving you nearing 20% upfront. If you or someone close to you is being charged with a DUI in Santa Ana, CA. You will want to post bail with EZ BAIL U - Santa Ana. We specialize in DUI's and Bail Bonds in Orange County, Santa Ana. Call us today for more information regarding DUI Bail Bonds in Santa Ana, CA.

Warrant Bail Bonds in Santa Ana, CA
Missing a court date to not doing the mandatory court programs can lead to a warrant for your arrest. There are a lot of reasons for missing a court date or not being able to follow through with your program. Life happens and we need to continue to move on. Fortunately we can offer you a second chance. Most Bail Bond companies will not show up to court will you. We on the other hand understand you may not know where to go, maybe you dont have a ride to the court. We have you covered! Free of charge we offer our clients a ride to court, we even will show you around so you dont get lost or miss your hearing. Most people when they have a court date will be beyond scared and can become sick before as well. With us there you can be confronted by our support and more then willing to let you know everything will turn out okay. A lot of people dont know that a public defender is very inexpensive and can do just as much as an attorney on some cases. If you have missed a court date or maybe have a warrant out for your arrest, call EZ BAIL U - Santa Ana today for all of your Arrest Warrant Bail Bonds in Santa Ana, CA. We are open 24 hours a day.

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If you have ever made a website or a dev, and need to do some improvements. You will want to get this add-on. It will make your life almost 100x easier. Read what it can do, see the other 1000+ 5 star reviews and make your own decision. From my own use this add-on has helped me with a number of projects. It is also very useful if you find a website that has something cool you want. simple view the code with firebug and get some new ideas.

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Location Bar Enhancer

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I find this very useful on a number of websites. Thank you so much for coming out with this. Just another way to personalize firefox to your own prefs.

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Adblock Plus

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If you want to get rid of ads and dont use this on HULU then you will have an amazing experience. It will close automatically all pop up AD's and only the AD's. It even will hide the flash ads and banners on all website, even google, and facebook! i recommend this.

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