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Print Edit

"Save As" does not reflect the edits/deletions made Bewertet mit 2 von 5 Sternen

Was looking for a replacement for PrintWhatYouLike since it does not work with Firefox 18. So I tried Print Edit. I noticed that sometimes when I click on an ad and then delete it, nearly the entire article is deleted, not just the ad. But I really wanted Print Edit to save the web pages rather than print them. However when I did a "Save As" I found that the original web page was saved to a file. All of the ads and other crap I had edited out and deleted was there in the saved file, so it was just a waste of time to do the deletions.

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Myibidder Auction bid sniper for eBay ("Snipe it")

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Works great! I haven't used it for a long time, but so far it's wonderful. No problems. Bid groups are great for insuring you only purchase the quantity you desire. Be aware that if your bid is more than the last (winning) bid but less than the minimum bid requirement for bidding, myibay can't place a valid bid. The only issue I've noticed is that sometimes the current bid displayed by myibay is not up to date. Not a big deal to me.
If I could reply to the negative comment placed a few days ago by drtofu: I looked at the screenshot he posted on Flickr and looked at the auctions he said he lost because myibay failed to bid: For the first item, drtofu said his bid was $5 more, but actually his myibay bid was only $4.88 more; the minimum bid was $261.99 and his myibay bid was $0.12 short and therefore not valid. For the second item his myibay bid was less than the winning bid. For the third item, someone bought the item using Buy It Now. (Drtofu's myibay bid was $0.45 less than the Buy It Now price.) However myibid had not updated the current bid information, so in the screenshot it looked like there were no bids and the item had not sold. Therefore myibay did not fail to place a valid bid in any of drtofu's three examples.

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