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Binnen-I be gone

Binnen-I Filter... Bewertet mit 5 von 5 Sternen

funktioniert bestens. Danke!

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MitM Me (SSL Error Bypass)

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What a relief! I have been searching for some tool like this since FF started to torture me with tons of messages like "are you really sure you want to connect to this bad bad site with that self-signed cert?"
ME: "yes!"
FF: "really? really-really?"
ME: "yes!"
(4 clicks later)
FF: "sorry, but that cert has the same serial number as some other cert you used ages ago. please contact the admin of that site. and no, I won't show you that page regardless what you say"
ME: "aargh. I AM the admin of that site..."

So yes, from today on my (admin-)life is a lot easier ;)