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Ort SE Ontario, Canada
Beruf trying to be a better person, work ongoing!
Benutzer seit May 8, 2013
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I love to be online & am almost always 'wired-in' with my iPhone. Some of my favourite Apps/Programs to use are Pinterest- this one so addicting to me, once I've started it's very hard to stop! I love to see/save/share great photos of all sorts! Next would probably have to be YouTube & these 2 are the ones I use the most, although I often take breaks from both of them. Then there's the many Music Apps/Programs I use, mostly iTunes because of using an iPhone. I also love Songza, Hype, Band of the Day, 8tracks, SoundCloud, SongFreaks, Moodzic, Hound, SoundHound, Shazam, NatureSpace, IndieShuffle, etc., Also a few favourites besides Pinterest for photos are picTrovePro, Flickering, Avairy, Flickr Plus, imgTumble, Instagram, Tumblr, ExploreFlickr, tview, & also others are CamFind, Lyrics Finder (24/7 Apps), Everclip, Evernote, Pocket, Camera+, the Free Dictionary by Farlex, GoogleMaps, MagicWindow, CheckTubes, AGMethod, App of the Day, App Icons (AppNation), appbzr,

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this is one of my Favourites from Sassy, but then again Most of her's are up there in the very top!! this one's really cool, pretty flowers! great colour, love the movement over at the right & the rest of colour very easy, relaxing on the eyes, & when your busy, busy on Firefox, that's a bonus!!


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another one of the very first ones I chose to use! Love this one, so pretty & bright lights But & V.I, Not too many, so it's still so easy to look at! Nice to look at! great stuff, love your work! :)

White clouds Blue sky

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really, really like this one, Except for the logo of Firefox!! If you ever re-do this one without the logo, let me know!! please, good stuff!!


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One of my first I picked & love this one, easy on eyes, love the black text! excellent!! infact this person is the one that I have the most of! Her themes are Amazing!! keep up the great work! great stuff :)

Pink Freshness

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Love the colour of green & pink used!! really nice to look at & easy on eyes! good stuff!!


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Love this one!! great setup! love the grass, love the text in black, love a lil sky! all over excellent, easy on eyes & nice & relaxing to look at!!

Deep Sky Photo

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excellent one! love it, such nice colour but not too much to look at, easy on the eyes, Love it!!

Joyful Purple Poppies by MaDonna

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really, really love this one! so pretty & easy on the eyes, easy to see!! good stuff!!

Pink Abstract Wave

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really, really Love this one!! so soft looking, silky & pretty much my FAv. colour of pink!!

Vanilla Sky Over the Coastline

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Love it, relaxing colours easy on the eyes, nice to look at!

Japanese Orchids

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Love it, easy to see & nice looking!