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Autofill Forms

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Works in 90% percents of cases, don't know why (will add an example later)
Quiet flexible: use any attribute of a DOM element to set "value" attribute.

Here is an example:
I'm trying to apply for a job on a game development studio website:

The form and DOM elements look like that:

As you can see all the fields was filled successfully, except the "website".
Here is the selection row for such field:
input[name*='web'], input[name*='url'], input[name*='work'], input[name*='link'], input[name*='Portfolio'], input[name*='portfolio'], input[name*='Url'], input[name*='site']

Looks like "site" and and "link" should solve the problem. But it doesn't work at this particular form.

MinimizeToTray revived

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"start minimised" function, please!)

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Copy Urls Expert

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thank you for great addon)
How can i copy urls from current tab group only (not from all my tabs, but only current tab group)?

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