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Black Google Theme

Great! Bewertet mit 4 von 5 Sternen

This is a great add-on, however as some said... it still has a few bugs.
Apart from the other bugs mentioned before, the Google apps button (next to the Google Notifications) is often not visible.
Also, whenever Google has a custom logo, it doesn't gets changed into the theme.
It might be intentional, but it would be nice if it would also change now and then.
Oh, and I like an easier turn off - turn on option as well.

Black Youtube Theme

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There's only one little annoyance.
Whenever I remove a video from my abo's page and I refresh the page the video keeps returning after each refresh.
I have to disable the add-on first to make it stop coming back which requires a browser restart, then restart it again to get the theme back.


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I hate it that you lose content whenever you've written a long email/private message or a long post on a forum..
Please make it that you don't lose the content whenever the page automatically refreshed.

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Past Modern Revisited

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I love this theme, I just updated my FF to version 14.. now this addon no longer works..
Can you update it..?

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Past Modern Revisited

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Good work, It is almost perfect.
I just miss one little thing what this theme doesn't have and the previous one did have.
I made a screenshot from it.
I don't know if it's still possible to add/change this?