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Name Skipity
Benutzer seit January 18, 2012
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Skipity Comes from 2 Words

Skip [skip] v: To pass from point to point, omitting or disregarding what intervenes.

Serendipity [ser-uhn-dip-i-tee] n: An aptitude for making desirable discoveries by chance.

How Skipity Works

-Select categories (or not - just stay with default)

-Press the Skipity Button: image description or image description
Get sent to a great Web destination based on your Interests.

-Press Skipity Button Again, bounce to another great sites.

-Skipity Again: discover another amazing corner of the Ineternet.

We also include the best video downloader and screenshot feature with the Skipity Add-on so please give us a try!

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Skipity +Best Youtube Video Downloader +Screenshot Benötigt Neustart

De Skipity knop geneest verveling met elke klik. Download video's van Youtube of een andere buis website. Verbazingwekkende screenshot functionaliteit. Rood Facebook Melding op de knop Browser.

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Notifications, Messages, & Alerts for Facebook Benötigt Neustart

Button changes state to Notify you about:☎ Facebook Notification✉ New Facebook Message Alert☛ Facebook Friend RequestAlso Includes a 1 click Facebook Like Button.Available as standalone browser buttons or as part of the MediaPimp toolbar.

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