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Memory Fox

Tremendous impact on Firefox performance! Bewertet mit 5 von 5 Sternen

Dramatic change in Firefox performance noted immediately! Previously, I had been running MemoryFox v7.4 by IDEVFH and CleanMem (it's mini-monitor add-on gives a non-intrusive graphic for monitoring memory usage). Memory usage would creep up (to 70%) with time and FireFox performance lag (then stall at 75-80%). MemoryFox appears not to have a lasting positive impact on browser speed.
However Memory Fox Next is registering consistent 45-50% memory usage on CleanMem. FireFox can have 120+ tabs open (approx 25% auto reloading) with 8GB RAM.

I have to give partial credit to Flash Control (FF add-on) for control over which sites are allowed to display the Flash player or the HTML5 player. I believe the combination of Flash Control and Memory Fox Next make for a tremendous improvement in FireFox performance.

Superb job strelnic!!

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Xmarks Sync

Success of this Add-on depends on ability to sync Bewertet mit 2 von 5 Sternen

I like this Add-on! ...in concept. I have four systems whose FF bookmarks would be great to have synchronized. But as I added the 3rd system I wasn't able to sync to their server after install nor a 4th system from the install wizard. Xmark's progress bar suggests that the syncing is working, but it can go for hours and never complete. All my systems have direct connection to the internet and modem/router confirmed working without issues. I restored to an earlier restore point and reinstalled the Add-on to no avail. XMarks worked very well with two systems for about a week. And there is no indication what the problem may be. So my suggestion to the developers, give me an error message or some feedback that things aren't working rather than a moving progress bar that looks like everything is normal. How annoying is that after an hour(s) of going nowhere? Why does it have to fall upon the user to determine the reasons for failure of your product?

Bottomline: This isn't worth the hassle and the time involved of waiting for the sync to complete (and not knowing if its progressing fine) especially when you want to shutdown Firefox &/or reboot the system. Consequently, I reluctantly will uninstall this Add-on until this issue is addressed. Fortunately, I've religiously backed up my bookmarks on all systems and am only loosing about a weeks worth of bookmarks.

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