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Memory Fox

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Dramatic change in Firefox performance noted immediately! Previously, I had been running MemoryFox v7.4 by IDEVFH and CleanMem (it's mini-monitor add-on gives a non-intrusive graphic for monitoring memory usage). Memory usage would creep up (to 70%) with time and FireFox performance lag (then stall at 75-80%). MemoryFox appears not to have a lasting positive impact on browser speed.
However Memory Fox Next is registering consistent 45-50% memory usage on CleanMem. FireFox can have 120+ tabs open (approx 25% auto reloading) with 8GB RAM.

I have to give partial credit to Flash Control (FF add-on) for control over which sites are allowed to display the Flash player or the HTML5 player. I believe the combination of Flash Control and Memory Fox Next make for a tremendous improvement in FireFox performance.

Superb job strelnic!!

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