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Until Wizeshoppy got added. Don't bother with the March release until it gets removed. I think you can still use older versions that don't have this junk secretly added.

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Smart Referer

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Been using this for several months now, and I'd mostly forgotten about it. That's a good thing for an extension like this, in my opinion. I like the additional privacy, and a website I visit is blacklisted from a popular imagehost for silly reasons, which this bypasses. Somewhat ironically, I've noticed it breaks Github in addition to Disqus. Updating the whitelist results in both sites working fine now.Thanks for this useful, minimal add-on.

RE Github: on the Github site the verify email address function wasn't working, and neither was the network graph (would just sit there with the loading animation), until I added it to the same whitelist as Disqus. So really just some minor things were acting strange.

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