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I am all about FF Addon Dev and helping others with their dev. At my website you can find addon dev resources (@Gists), my addons in progress (@GitHub), and how to reach me for help (@StackOverflow).

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Songifier Kein Neustart

A song identifier that can detect what's playing on your microphone. Powered by

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Tweeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeter Kein Neustart

Never run out of room in your tweet! Put all your hashtags(#) and callouts(@) in the text then use this to attach text as an image and you'll never have to shut up again!

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GlobalFindBar Kein Neustart

Since Firefox 25, the FindBar was made independent for each tab. This addon reverts the FindBar to classic/global behavior.

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Master Password Reset Kein Neustart

Creates menu item in main menu on Desktop and Android Firefox to reset master password lock. Also resets the master password lock when user goes idle.

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Deskcuts Kein Neustart

HTML5 application enabling cross platform creation of "shortcut"/"launcher" file types that are not exposed by default by the operating system.

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Blank Scratchpad

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Haha this is so needed. I always erase it on first time.

We also need a most recently opened list.

My ideal hope is to connect scratchpad to that would be sweet.


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Fantastic! I live in California and in the last year we have had 3 earthquakes in my area. This addon can be upfront in your face, but with the settings can be tuned so it serves as just a informational resource. Love it.


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This is seriously cool. It competes with Batarang addon for Google Chrome which is by the AngularJS team. Disappointing that they didn't make it for Firefox too. I really look forward to seeing you keep this addon cutting edge and possibly even better then Batarang for Google Chrome. This is batarang by the way which you probably know about:

The thing I love about this addon more then Batarang, is the name. AngScope CLEARLY tells you what this addon does. Batrang is so silly and if it wasnt for their massive namesake no one would like it.

Would it be possible to add a "Performance" feature as seen in Batrang?


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I'm an Angular Dev! This definitely is cool when you're wondering hey did they use Angular for this?

Edit in reply to dev:
Thaht would be so cool to see this on Android! Firefox for Android is what I use a lot too and we need more addons there! :)

YouTube Downloader Plus

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I love how the Firefox version of this addon does so much more then the Google Chrome version. Firefox for the win! :)

I want to use this on Android to download audio and sometimes video. Can you please add Android support? :) There is no decent youtube downloader tool for Firefox on Android right now, I can't believe it, it's been so long and so many of these youtube downloaders, but nothing for Firefox on Android.

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Youtube Remote Control

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Excellent addon. I have this addon that repeats youtube videos, and i have so many tabs opens I can never find that tab when want to edit the volume or something. With this I can control it without the effort of finding that tab. :)

Would be nice if we can turn off the "auto play next in queue". Even a repeat function would be awesome on this!

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The best digital highlighter the Internet has seen. Please bring support for e10s

Close tabs to the left

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Hi there do you have github for this? I was hoping to make a pull request to add localization support :)

Give as you Live™

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Very noble. Can we pick our charities?

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Direct Currency Converter for Firefox for Android

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TinEye Reverse Image Search

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Excellent, would you be willing to allow an open source collaborator to help you make this restartless, and add support for file:// URI images? I can help you out.

Capture, Reverse Image Search

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This is absolutely superb I don't know why this doesn't have more ratings! Thanks for it, I was also planning on making an image reverse search tool then came across this. Would you be willing to collaborate, I want to add in functionality of right click and search. And add option of google image search engine?

I would also help you do a right click "search backgorund image" because when we right click we sometimes see "view background image" option in menu. But your crop idea is great for situation where there is a collage or something, its excellent and needs to remain.

I just want to add in support for urls and file urls.

Google Search by Image

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I hear this does not work anymore, is this true? I would be very willing to help you fix this. Because this addon is linked to from googles official faq page:

It would be nice that it didnt link to a non-working project.

Giorgio Armani Beauty - Say Sì to myself

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I think a quote on the new tab is more useful then the thumbnails we have today. Ideally I hope for an app launcher tab with the thumbnails in the url bar, but until then, these inspirational quotes are awesome! Does more for the mind and spirit then the thumbnails of unrecognizable site screenshots.

Web App Panel

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Should be default feature in Firefox. And an option to show in new tab like

The new tab speed dial thumbnails are a waste of space

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So Hot Right Now

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This is pretty darn snazzy man!

Sendtell Screen Capture Beta

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This looks interesting can you please explain more how to use it

Paste to Tab and Go

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Wow fantastic I needed an addon that would paste & go to new tab so made it myself and was uploading it to AMO then came across this. My addon is seriously low tech 15minute whip up. But it uses localization of the browse itself so i dont need to provide my own. But it also shows the"Paste &Go - new tab" item when you click anywhere on the tab strip, could you please add that feature to this addon, I love your idea of "paste to specific tab" and go i might find that useful too, but i definitely need the "paste and go in new tab" available in a right click anywhere in the tab strip.

Edit: wow i just downloaded this and it works exactly as i wanted!! Super cool, no need for my addon. But would be nice if this was restartless :) And man the "paste and go to new background tab" in url bar is so useful!!

Edit edit: Ah it needs to obey the shift key with respect to browse setting for focus: (except for the "paste and go to new bg tab" that shows in urlbar right click, that should always load in background tab, because if i wanted a new tab i would have right clicked just a couple centimeters over :P

Edit edit edit: when i click on a tab i only see "paste to this tab and go" i need the "paste to new tab and go" too please. Becuase i have so many tabs i have no whitespace in tab bar to click on :( I would love to collaborate with you on this to make it restartless and land these features. And fully localized :)

Firefox-on-OS-X Label

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Superb, love this! Please hook up actually changing the icon with this code:

Copy Links

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Wow this is fantastic, please update for restartless, and option to not have the submenu, i just use the "copy selected links" feature. Also is it possible you can modify the URL bar so if i "paste & go" when i have multiple links on clipboard it will open them all (the first in current tab, and consequent ones in new tabs)?

Are you still supporting this addon or are you accepting collaborators, I would love to join your team and make this restartless and add the support pasting multi url to url bar on "paste & go"