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Twitbin - Twitter Sidebar for Firefox

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I do quite like this extension as it's one of the few decent Twitter add-ons available for FF. It needs more improvements if it's going to have any chance of standing alongside TweetDeck for Chrome. The biggest issue I'm having is that notifications only worked for a while and now they simply don't. New tweets come in but aren't flagged up at all. You can see them if you look at the sidebar itself but I'm not getting notifications.

So, more work needed to make this a better proposition but there's some potential here for sure.

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Live Stream Notifier

A fantastic extension for Twitch lovers! Bewertet mit 5 von 5 Sternen

I'm not sure why my previous review was removed given that it was very positive, but nevertheless I continue to be impressed by this extension. The latest update has made it much faster, and the developer continues to add new features that have made it better. I'd like to see an option added that allows us to open a stream on the new Twitch layout if at all possible, or maybe a way to switch it on in the options.

Additionally, though not a major issue, sometimes I'll fire up the browser and there will be a brief notification that a stream is still live even though the red dot isn't in the icon and the streamer is indeed offline. Otherwise, awesome stuff and can't wait to see more improvements.

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